The Meaning of IS, at long last….

Courtesy of National Review Online:  The Devil’s Dictionary


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3 responses to “The Meaning of IS, at long last….

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    That was so incredibly funny—and true!! (I’ve always loved dear old Ambrose’s dictionary, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of him—and I’m so surprised! I always imagined him to look more devilish himself, darker and sleeker and casually sardonic, with perhaps an ironic lift of one elegant eyebrow. And he’s nothing like that at all.)

    I don’t know if he or Mencken or Mark Twain—or others of the same ilk—could believe the full reality of what we face today if you went back and tried to tell them about it, because they still lived in an America that wouldn’t have let it get this far, let alone put up with it. That was before reporters became journalists, and before teachers became educators.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    The Left are sophists, playing with words as though they were game pieces moved into interesting configurations on a game-board. The problem is always that when the game-board is only slick cardboard or shining pixels on a screen, it’s fine, but when it is reality, and the Leftists control the situation, the living people who are affected will suffer real agonies, bleed real blood, live increasingly desperate lives, and die real deaths.

    Those clever images in the slideshow at the National Review Online amuse us in a sardonic way as we recognize the truths that run beyond the slide and into the reality we inhabit, the one we share with those people pictured. And then we must reflect on what we are identifying—real people who use their considerable power to damage their fellow man.

    The Left carries out its verbal machinations with the pride of a creator, and yet their product is destructive.

    One of the most interesting aspects of this love the Left has of their cleverness at creating narratives is that they create curricula that keep the student from discovering the truly great writing of the past. As the poet put it, “Who has known heights can never again know peace”—and above all, the Left wants peace. Peace to carry out its plans, peace to silence real cries for justice. Remember, Americans were always “The Freedom Loving People”; it was the Leftists who prided themselves as “Peace Loving People”. Well—there is nothing more peaceful than a graveyard. Moreover, in the graveyard that has only plaques on the ground amidst the grass, everyone is equal, too.

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