Obama offers 300 sacrificial lambs to Islamist radicals

“Iraq: Shia Cleric Issues Threat To US Forces” – :

“A Shia cleric loyal to anti-US cleric Moqtada al Sadr has warned that the 300 US military advisers en route to Iraq will be attacked.

In a sermon from Baghdad’s Sadr City district, Nassir al Saedi threatened what he called “the occupier”, saying: “We will be ready for you if you are back.”

For all the idiots who support lame-brained military action that follows no sound military or strategic sense, may the blood of these 300 sacrificial lambs be on your shoulders and when these brave soldiers end up as hostages or dead – look in the mirror and there you will find the blame!  Don’t run your mouth unless you really know what you are talking about!  Yes, I am furious that so many highly educated “experts” parade across our TV screens touting total bullshit on military matters.  What’s even worse is many of them served in the military and found an “in” to be a “military expert” (one wonders what’s really in their military record to bolster that title though).  Look, these 300 will be operating in hostile territory with no achievable purpose, they will be isolated from any real support to extricate them quickly if things go badly.  And before the grossly ill-informed military historians for the Obama administration try to use some whacked out parallel to King Leonidas and the Spartan 300 – hit your history books – it was a SUICIDE MISSION – they all died, including King Leonidas, so unless Barack Obama wants to lead from the front like that, people should be screaming “NO!” to this insane decision!

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