Another Obama “ending the war”

“As militants advance in Iraq, U.S. Embassy in Baghdad readies evacuation”

posted at 9:31 pm on June 11, 2014 by Noah Rothman


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4 responses to “Another Obama “ending the war”

  1. JK

    I’ve been accustomed to watching Meghan Kelly for her ability for getting the right people in to explain “the news” to me.

    I’d earlier this evening eaten a big meal and so took a nap only to wake just in time for Round Two of Meghan’s show – first “expert” off the chocks was General Keane.

    I shoulda known after Meghan pronounced “a totally new group” (and duly checked the box this was not just “new” but also “unforeseen”) how this was gonna get spun.

    Meghan? If you’re reading here (especially if for the first time) make note of this name – Ahmad Fadhil Nazzal al-Khalaylah.

    What’s that? You’ve never heard of him?!!! Well maybe you’d recognize the fellow had you available the info he’d later changed his name to … Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Dead now but …

    There’s a long shadow cast cast by the guy in and around Anbar. Doubtful you’re gonna get that though if you stick to asking guys like Keane to lead The Kelly File.

    Kinda wisht now I hadn’t had to pee.

  2. JK

    “The Turkish Foreign Ministry on June 14 pulled its diplomatic staff from Benghazi, Libya, and has urged Turkish nationals to leave the area due to security concerns, Reuters reported. The diplomats will work from Tripoli while the Benghazi mission is closed.”

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