Some VA information

Really short on time this morning, so this will be just a few sentences – back to the VA scandal.  G. Murphy Donovan (GMD for short) took aim at the  VA, “Veterans in the Crosshairs”, which is a must read.  He says:

“Alas, corrupt government is host to many ironies, but three are paramount: success is a liability, failure is an asset, and as long as the intentions are pure in the public mind, better funding follows failure, not success. Once established, bigger civic programs have few measures of effectives. The end game is there is no end.”

He cites a 2012 Human Events piece with more background on the VA, titled, “Hopelessly Broken” – another must read, but also check out all the links in GMD’s piece, ’cause he always links to interesting stuff.


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3 responses to “Some VA information

  1. Thanks Belle, as usual, you are too kind!

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty, thanks for the links! It’s incredible that it is so obvious how messed up the government systems are, and that it is obvious why they are so screwed up, and yet it keeps being repeated and repeated, just because of the “good intentions” seen by fools, and the money and power gained by those who pretend to have the intentions.

  3. Minta Marie Morze

    GMD, great posts and links. I watched for years as my brother Brian went crazy with the VA Health system, as his body slowly broke down. They finally ruled that it was 100% (Vietnam) war related, but he had to jump through so many hoops it broke my heart. At the VA Hospital, the doctors were great, but a lot of the hospital staff acted like they felt a grudge against the patients for bothering them. As though the hospital existed for staff employment, and not to help people who were damaged and in pain.

    There’s so much I could say, but it wouldn’t be news to anyone who’s dealt with the VA Health system. It’s just depressing, and angering.

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