A short piece by Stanley McChrystal

Here’s an opinion piece, “Securing the American Character”, by Stanley McChrystal in Politico Magazine.  This excerpt gives you a taste, but the entire piece is worth reading:

“Our country has always been driven by big ideas. We were founded on the principle that “all men are created equal” — a revolutionary concept in the 18th century. Social movements like the drive for civil rights propelled us closer to the ideals that our Founders espoused. The GI Bill empowered our returning veterans to lead the country as they came home from World War II. Each of these big ideas responded to crises of the time — taxation without representation; the hypocrisy of separate but equal; 16 million veterans demobilizing from war. Right now, we are facing a new crisis: Citizenship no longer demands a common experience — and so we no longer believe in a common future. The time has come for a dramatic and bold response that calls on every young American to serve.”

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