Recommended reading: In From the Cold post

Here’s an excellent blog post, “The Return” at the In From the Cold blog site (h/t JK).  I’ll repost a short excerpt, but highly encourage you to go over there and read this piece, replete with well-researched historical background information on the topic of desertion and collaborating with the enemy in previous US conflicts:

“And here’s the bonus: with Bergdahl’s release now dominating the news, the ever-festering VA scandal is no longer on the front pages.  Clearly, the prisoner deal–as bad as it is–could have been concluded weeks ago.  But waiting until now to finalize the details (and announce it) clearly served domestic political purposes.  Expect to hear a lot more about the Bergdahl saga in the weeks, including TV interviews and the obligatory cover stories in outlets like People.  Meanwhile, revelations about veterans dying at the hands of the VA recede further in the public’s mind.”


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4 responses to “Recommended reading: In From the Cold post

  1. JK

    And any who venture to the link LB posts might wish to visit here:

    (And should you find yourself wondering how/why it is exactly that this particular country’s site got so recently – May 12th – “updated” … well, you’d not be alone.)


    • Thank you for tossing out more crumbs on this trail JK, ’cause you left me wandering out in the cold and as I don’t have your sleuthing ability, I sat there looking at the CIA Factbook and saying, “Ok, what am I looking for here?”

  2. JK

    Right. But just for reference anyone can check here for when other country’s sites last got the same “treatment.”

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