“You’re not so tough without your car” – Kindergarten Cop (1990 movie)  or

“… without your teleprompter speeches!” – President Obama (2014 fantasy foreign policy)

If only a metastasized ideology could be killed in a surgical strike eliminating one man.  President Obama, now into a second term of floundering foreign policy, faces the cancer of radical Islam, spreading malignant cells, far and wide.  Since the Al Qaeda attack on 9/11/2001, American leaders prefer to hide behind euphemisms rather than grapple with the ugly side of Islamic-inspired terrorism.   We’ve moved from short-sighted and overly optimistic democratization planning  to a new, alarmingly vacuous, Obama foreign policy, with the intellectual underpinning of a text message:  #AmericanSurrender.

The Bush administration chose to hide behind a “War on Terror” and absolve Islamic leaders of responsibility for the very acts of terror they facilitated.  Hiding behind hollow rhetoric like “Islam means Peace”, while charging forward with an ill-conceived democratization of the Muslim world plan, Islamic-extremism blossomed.  The Obama approach, even more dangerously naive, now resorts to laughable hashtag foreign policy and an Al Qaeda leadership decapitation strategy via drone strikes.  Computer gaming and social media come of age, where Islamic-terrorists utilize Western technology to network and expand their real world operations and American leadership resorts to hiding behind hand-written hashtag placards, borrowed from the most shallow social-networking format.

The barbarians use western technology to achieve their real strategic aims, while our foreign policy leaders send impotent hand-written pleas to barbarians, whose name translates to something along the lines of “western education is sinful”.  Yes, I am sure these Islamist zealots really care what Michelle Obama says and will heed her hashtag plea…    If the rest of world is laughing at us, who can blame them.  It’s embarrassing, not to mention dangerous, to allow fools such as President Obama and the girls, to diminish American prestige to the point where American power really is the “paper tiger” Osama bin Laden ranted about in his many video diatribes.

Other pundits have written excellent commentary on this topic, so I’ll end my venting and provide their links:

#BringBackOurBalls – Mark Steyn’s deadly accurate hit.

George Will on “hashtag activism”

“Hillary and Boko Haram” – Rich Lowry at National Review

“5 Things the Media and Government Won’t Tell You About Boko Haram” – Robert Spencer at PJ Media

Ann Coulter, got the left tweeting-mad, adding  her own hashtag plea to the mix.





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8 responses to “#AmericanPaperTiger

  1. JK

    “Tweeting mad”?

    Funny. Kinda sorta.

    I guess in a way resembling what a nephew of mine said when what’s ‘er name came on TV armed with that Sharpie written hashtaggy sign:

    Greetings from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    I’ve since found he read it somewhere but I never before read “Tweeting mad.”

    I shall steal that.

    • Steal away, I don’t recall reading “tweeting mad” anywhere else. Every time I hear anything about “tweets”, I think of Tweety, “I thought I taw a puddy cat.” The tweet thoughts are about a weighty as a silly cartoon and actually little Tweety seemed wittier, even with the speech impediment. Of course, got to give Ann Coulter credit for the perfect response, a selfie and a tweet, all in one.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    Great post, great links!

    To the Left, everything is either Image—almost always based on a lie—or covert shenanigans.

    They actually believe that the “narrative” about the Image can’t be seen through.

    A storm of hashtags of this sort is just a Shower of Babble, full of sound and flurry, and signifying nothing.

  3. Minta, You’ve hit on several important points. Sadly, very few issues in America escape politicization and while both the Left and Right engage in this, the Left adopted a scorched earth mentality decades ago and they set out to win at any cost. The truth, all too often, is the first casualty in politics.

    The current fixation on concocting a narrative seems like a progression of the spin (lie) and polling obsession of the modern political “strategists”, where swaying polling data your way matters more than any sort of principles or honorable conduct. Sadly, the Right does much the same stuff now and the entire political circus is led by a parade of clowns and freak shows, with the press and cable news pundits serving as ringmasters, vying to direct our attention to their particular ring:

    Exhibit A, just today, Chuck Todd, “C’mon, every Benghazi question has already been answered.” (don’t look here, coming from NBC’s Chief WH correspondent…) http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/05/15/chuck-todd-cmon-every-benghazi-question-has-already-been-answered-n1838196

  4. JK


    I’m gonna be stealing from you too Minta. Having paid attention to your past careful spellings that “sound and flurry” can’t have been anything other than very deliberate. Babble being the tip-off.

    Exquisitely, accurately descriptive.

  5. Minta Marie Morze

    Wow! JK, thanks for the compliment! Yes, I meant “flurry”. Please use anything I say. We all borrow from each other.

    Speaking of Babble, Alan Cowell, in the NewYorkTimes, May 15, 2014, quotes a colleague: “The European Union, the greatest political and economic power on [the European] continent, has yet to find a language to deal with Putin’s behavior,” the columnist Bernd Ulrich wrote in the newspaper Die Zeit, published in Hamburg.


    “has yet to find a language” . . . —Oh, No!! Whatever shall they do?!? The Progressive Prelates are searching desperately for the sacred incantation by which to exorcise the Russian Demon from their midst! If only they can find The Language! No doubt this frenzied search continues apace.

    The unspeakable in frantic pursuit of the un-speakable. As Liberty points out, they have neither principles nor honor, and their reliance on “narratives” makes them stand naked before Reality.

    Meanwhile, later in the article, Cowell quotes Herr Ulrich again: “What Putin sees as decadence,” Mr. Ulrich said, “is Europe’s real strength.”

    Reality is rolling its eyes and snickering.

    Sick Transit, Deplorable Mundi.

    • Whitewall

      Well…it is good to know the EU knows upon which continent it rests. Glad the Times is up on this. No wonder Jill Abrahamson was fired. If the EU can’t find a proper language to address Putin, I can loan them one, complete with a Tarheel accent.

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