News slop

Some analysts’ personal insights and advice prove more valuable than the story they’re analyzing.  John McCreary’s Nightwatch dissects foreign events using open source material and his analysis often seems more prescient than any of the big name reporters.  In the April 15, 2014  Nightwatch edition there’s a warning to analysts that should be posted in every newsroom:

Warning to analysts: The Web has many images of military equipment and forces. There is no way to tell the authenticity of those images; to identify reliably who the forces are; to determine when the images were taken or to determine which direction the forces are heading. All sides know how to manipulate social media and imagery.”

Imagine how accurate the news reporting could be, if, we had more reporters looking at information dispassionately, critically and then getting off their lazy patooties and running down some facts.  Due to the laziness and lack of critical thinking ability amongst the vast majority of the mainstream press, when pigs fly would be the odds of that happening.  Just keep this Nightwatch warning in the back of your mind, as you consume the slop that’s fed to us as “news”.  We’re the ultimate junk food nation, even in our news feed.


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2 responses to “News slop

  1. JK

    What’s this LibertyBelle, you don’t trust the newspersons?!!

  2. I’ll go for the short answer, JK – Hell, no!

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