Female-empowerment comparison shopping

Oh, this endlessly fascinating group of leftists in the Obama White House constantly seeks media attention and cosseting.  The White House press secretary, Jay Carney and his wife, Claire Shipman, ABC news contributor, exemplify the successful, well-connected Washington power couple.  To go with their idyllic life are two cute kids, a family dog (cousin to First Dog, Sunny) and of course, the  picture-perfect DC home.  The Washingtonian interviewed this DC power couple to promote Shipman’s latest female-empowerment tome, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know, written with co-author, Kathy Kay. This latest literary offering follows the much-discussed Sheryl Sandberg’s, Lean In,  Shipman’s previous guide for working women, Womenomics: Write Your Rules for Success and first female press secretary, Dee Dee Myers’ earlier feminist-offering, Why Women Should Rule the World.  What could be better than more expert advice for women on gaining “self-confidence”….

When choosing books, or vacuum cleaners for that matter, I love internet comparison shopping and customer reviews help me make my purchasing decisions, in an informal sort of oh there are 20 reviews and 18 of them say this book wasted perfectly good trees and two (probably written by the author and his/her mom) say the book deserves a Pulitzer Prize for literature. Oh, here’s a helpful amazon.com customer review for Myers’ offering,  “Why women should rule the world” is a book where men get made fun at, poked, insulted, challenged and disrespected.”    Sandberg’s book offers mostly very positive reviews, but here’s a one-star review that made me laugh, “Don’t hold yourself back; don’t be your own worst enemy. I’m pretty sure I was given a fridge magnet with that exact message on it once. Or maybe it was a coaster.)”  Shipman and Kay’s previous book, Womenomics,  received this helpful comment from a female customer , “Here’s the big mystery solved: if you have kids, your career won’t/can’t be first. Wow. Really?”.  Informed shopping wouldn’t be complete without them, so I read the professional reviews too.  The sisterhood  rises to embrace each girl-power addition though, so here’s Shipman’s fellow ABC reporter/morning talk show personality, Diane Sawyer, “A personal, provocative and challenging book for career women who want less guilt, more life.”   See, I told you these customer reviews help make buying decisions, although vacuum cleaner reviews get right to the point, “High suction, low air flow.”

The Washingtonian turned out all the stops to create a glowing puff piece on the Carney/Shipman home life, replete with glossy, staged photo spread.  We get to see this power couple at home with their two photogenic children and the family pooch, who is a cousin to First Dog, Sunny. How warm and cozy, the pajama-clad Mom and kids in a playful kitchen shot, with a counter laden with perfect breakfast food (enough to feed the entire camera crew, plus some), all artfully arranged.   As American as apple pie, oh, wait, the kitchen wall decor, so thoroughly edgy – it’s framed Soviet propaganda posters (The Week story about the story).

Oh hush libertybelle, your kitchen decor remains outdated country-style with an eclectic splash here and there.  The chickens came home to roost , with my cute curtains with a blue chicken-print ruffle and the cute wooden chicken plaque (gift from one of the kids)  that says “Welcome to My Roost Nest” (oops, I remembered it incorrectly).   Hanging on the cup pegs of my hutch, I hung assorted knick-knacky stuff, like right behind my chair at the table is my welcome plaque, an after-Halloween find that I just love:  “Welcome the Witch Is In”.   Even my house has Soviet propaganda posters, a 30 pack of “Wings Of The Motherland” that my one son brought back from his study abroad to Russia long  ago as a gift for my other son.  My other son treasured these propaganda posters so much, that the entire pack is still sitting here in my computer room, gathering dust and he moved out many moons (years) ago. Luckily, I got a very beautiful teapot and a Russian cookbook from that trip.   Of course, my other son (being libertybelle’s offspring) is more concerned with his guns and as he likes to remind us constantly – he is a single issue voter, guess, yep, a 2nd Amendment one, so I suppose these posters will remain here…..  unless I regift them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…or maybe the Carney/Shipman home would like to add to their collection….


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9 responses to “Female-empowerment comparison shopping

  1. Kinnison

    Oh come on Belle, tell us how you really feel! (I suspect that the Shipmen-Carny Borg unit are trying frantically to generate liberal buzz for hubby’s hopefully “soft landing” when he shortly, having lost all credibility and told his last Press Briefing lie, creeps out of the White House into some other well-paying Washington liberal gig…)

  2. At least Carney is used to making it up as he goes, so he wouldn’t be caught off guard by something like a missing page of his prepared resignation speech….. That Sebelius final speech serves as the perfect end-note to her thoroughly incompetent tenure as the HHS secretary.

    • Kinnison

      Well he sort of makes things up as he goes, if you discount getting caught pre-screening questions from a compliant White House press corps… But even those guys are beginning to get froggy with him and I think his time at the podium is coming to a close as he loses what little credibility he has.

  3. Minta Marie Morze

    This is really great! I love the empowerment books from women who could afford a nanny and a staff with at least one personal assistant, and who are in a career and position to do creative and satisfying work that is given accolades from those around her. And then they have the glowing reviews you write about:

    LIBERTY wrote: ‘Informed shopping wouldn’t be complete without them, so I read the professional reviews too. The sisterhood rises to embrace each girl-power addition though, so here’s Shipman’s fellow ABC reporter/morning talk show personality, Diane Sawyer, “A personal, provocative and challenging book for career women who want less guilt, more life.” See, I told you these customer reviews help make buying decisions, although vacuum cleaner reviews get right to the point, “High suction, low air flow.”’

    The juxtaposition of the last two sentences is priceless! Every time I read it, I laugh out loud!! I will never again be able to read any puff-piece review for any book without thinking, “High suction, low air flow”!! LOL!

    The Washington DC crowd is so insular it’s embarrassing.

    I hope by now you’ve seen the images that are now around the Internet on the staged pictures in the Shipman/Carney GlowBlow. The ones that show how many books were photoshopped in to make their bookshelf sort of impressive are hilarious. For Pete’s sake, couldn’t they find enough books in all their rooms to fill in their shelves for a moment? They sure added things to the kitchen to make it look opulent! And unless they have an army nearby, that food will either harden and/or start rotting before it can be eaten by a four-person household.

    The deliberately over-abundant kitchen, and the bookshelf photoshop with the finger carelessly left in, speaks volumes.

    These people, and those who exalt them, have no clue.

    • Kinnison

      …And Carney’s idea of decorative home wall art is large framed Communist propaganda posters from the Cold War…

      • Kinnison, I read they were both news correspondents in the USSR, after both studied Russian in college – she at Columbia and I think he at Yale, and they remind me of my son who brought home those Soviet propaganda posters that collect dust in my computer room. He also decorated his apartment with them and he makes sure to tell everyone he speaks Russian and studied in Russia…. I could write a book about this kid too. A few years back we had a kid, who went to school with that son, working in our store and he brought philosophy books to work to read in the break room (to impress his fellow workers and let them know how brilliant he is). He couldn’t find a job with his philosophy degree and he wanted to pursue writing some kind of music, which of course there aren’t any ready-made careers in that field either. Listening to this kid talk – his head was filled with how brilliant he is and how stupid everyone else working in our store is, afterall he went to a prestigious university in this state…. And the other folks, well, many of them work two jobs to provide for their families, but what do they know.

      • Kinnison

        My wife’s nephew Brad, a U. of Wisconsin grad, was a language major too(German and Russian…), and also studied at Moscow State for a couple of years back in the early ’80’s when there was still an Iron Curtain and the Communists were still ruling the USSR. He made a lot of Russian friends, but he came back convinced of how awful Communism was and grateful to be an American. He talks of going with his Russian student buddies outside of Moscow and illicitly gleaning the potato fields after harvest, trying to find them something to eat. As an American with U.S. dollars he never went hungry, because he could go into the city and eat at MacDonald’s, but his Russian counterparts that weren’t “golden children” of the elites had a really tough time of it. He’s a smart guy and very good with computers. He parlayed his Russian language skills into a job as IT guy for a very upscale Manhattan NYC jewelry company founded, owned and run by former Russian Jewish refugees.

  4. Minta Marie Morze

    ….In the kitchen, to start the day out right . . .I mean Left, to start the day out Left.

    Shouldn’t that egg be an omelet, to keep in the spirit? All they’d need is to crack a few eggs. . . .

    • The whole piece is a scrambled mess Minta, lol. The staged photos, the fluff piece, where when they talk about their kids most of the focus is on the daughter – her being a tomboy, lacking the discipline to brush her hair and that’s okay with these indulgent parents, not wanting to crush her precious “self-esteem”. Their type of parenting, which is very typical of the elites, leads their children to believe in their own sense of entitlement. Hard work builds self-esteem, self-discipline builds self-respect and with a good dose of spiritual guidance you teach kids humility and that final ingredient will take you further than any of these lame female-empowerment books. The incessant victimhood and whining from these feminist-minded elites drives me crazy. They are clueless as to how silly and self-serving they and their idiotic advice really is.

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