The Orient Express….

Before you listen to one more saber-rattler, please take the time to read David P. Goldman’s wise insights at PJ Media, “Not Even Wrong About Russia”.

Then read his December 22, 2013 pick for the most under-reported foreign news story of 2013 (here).

Okay, here’s a JK link (yes, he’s amazing at coming up with fascinating links – here it is).

The hysterics boggles my mind.  A review of the actual discussions, agreements and history of the immediate post-Soviet period is in order, then start reading back through all the missteps on both sides, and once you’ve done that take a deep breath, calm down and think.  I  read and posted the link previously of an informative piece, “Don’t Kid Yourself about Ukraine”, by G. Murphy Donovan at The American Thinker a couple days ago, in which he quoted open source news reporting to back his points.  In the comments section, he was accused of spreading disinformation, being a communist and working for Mr. Putin.  Is this really what it’s come to in America, when you don’t buy into the political posturing?  A distinguished Air Force officer, who devoted his life to keeping America safe gets accused of being a communist, because he dared to challenge the political hacks in DC and the drivel they are feeding us.  How ridiculous and I was outraged on his behalf!  If we can’t question or discuss events openly, then we are surely in trouble in America.

Why doesn’t the mainstream press report any of these facts that would give us a clearer understanding of the events that led up to this latest crisis?



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4 responses to “The Orient Express….

  1. Kinnison

    Unfortunately, no we can’t and yes we are…

  2. JK


    To what is the “no we can’t” specifically and then how far the “yes we are” are you willing to spend some time in?

  3. JK

    Okay Kinnison I recognize the “yes we are” – I guess – in LB’s ending sentence which I recognize to be

    “Why doesn’t the mainstream press report any of these facts that would give us a clearer understanding of the events that led up to this latest crisis?”

    We can skip that.

  4. Minta Marie Morze

    We’re living in a version of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, after our “Clarence” [aka B. H. O. Screwtape] changes everything so that we can see how the world goes when it doesn’t have a powerful, dynamic, thriving America to count on. Unfortunately, we can’t easily change it back.

    So many lives will be wasted, so much despair and misery—futures are being stolen right in front of us. Alliances are being forged all over the world, alliances that will do great damage.

    Liberty, we’ll need the leaders that you spoke of in your piece on keeping the Castle. And you asked the right question: Who will defend our Castle? Who will restore it to what it needs to be?

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