An angry American fat cat

Oh my, another strange 911 call, this time the emergency was a couple and their baby in Portland, OR,  who had to barricade themselves in the bedroom out of fear of their rampaging 22-pound cat.  The man kicked the cat in the butt after the cat scratched their 7 month-old baby and then, Lux the pampered cat, went bonkers.  This 911 call epitomizes what’s wrong with too many men today.  Just listen to this man telling the 911 operator how the cat is charging the door trying to attack them, after he kicked the cat.  A grown man who can’t deal with a pet and he and his wife sit cowering in fear in the bedroom, yes that’s the sad truth, and he wasn’t even ashamed that he couldn’t protect his family from the family cat. Where have all the real men gone???   In a misguided attempt to work out the problem, this shining example of American masculinity, happily reported that the family wants to keep the cat and the cat awaits the arrival of a pet psychologist….  An obese cat in need of therapy, why not, as the humans seem to be beyond help in this family.  Only in America could an overindulged pet warrant this much understanding and would the man of the family hide in fear from Lux, the cat with anger issues.


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9 responses to “An angry American fat cat

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    This is exactly right, Liberty!! Portland, Oregon—it figures. (I would highly suggest that the family give the cat to a friend who has no young children—it will never forget the circumstances of that kick.)

    • My mother had this horrid cat who would rub against your legs (he especially loved bare legs) and then some insanity would grip him and he’d wrap his paws around your leg and dig his claws in as hard as he could. No, he wasn’t sharpening them – he was just psycho. He always looked affronted when someone kicked him or shook him loose, that he went flying across the room. I, of course, had the perfectly mannered cat – a black Siamese cat named, Kushka (he came from Sturbridge, Mass – the witch town, lol) and the story of bringing him home from Massachusetts to PA is a tale of my parents forbearance. That kitten puked many times and fought to get out of the car…the entire trip home. Naturally, he loved PA better than MA, as any smart cat would;-)

  2. JK

    Well. Your subtitle does say, ” … takes detours …” & afterall it is (I’m thinking) sort of a cat.

  3. Minta Marie Morze

    Thanks for the link, JK, and the links the link led to.

    That kid says she turned down a full-ride to Vandy, so the issue isn’t money—there’s obviously more going on than she herself even knows. Her major is worse than useless—it’s malignant.

    The lost following the lost, who are in turn following those who are deliberately leading them into the wilderness.

  4. JK

    That kid says she turned down a full-ride …

    Apparently Minta I missed the paragraph where that was uh … uttered. I in my hillbilly way I’m supposing was maybe thinking “the yucky factor” & maybe the 18 year old sued her parents for child support as well as maybe

    Justin Bieber

    to which I take especial offense with.

    You see Minta this “JK” I enter on sites has … perhaps regrettably, an old Navy reference in it to an old Navy joke

    Justin Kapok.

    My Dad had an Uncle was WWI era Navy, first with the RN then after “we” entered admonished me to “Be prepared constantly else you wind up just in kapok.”

    “Kapok” was a substance tapped from trees – rubber, maple syrup – & then was used to fill life-jackets. Kapok I mean, not maple syrup. But then I digress.

  5. Minta Marie Morze

    I only read a headline, where the reference to Vanderbilt was right there in the headline. I didn’t read the article or watch the interview because it was obvious what was going on.

    I know about kapok. I grew up in the 50s and 60s, and kapok was a common stuffing. You were given wise advice—there is a constant danger of being set adrift by the powers of darkness.

    I use my full name because when I first started commenting on blogs, I was trying to think of a pseudonym to use and my brother—Viet Nam, 1967-1969, Tet Offensive and the Siege of Hue, USMC, 2 Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star—dared me to use my name. So I chose to use my whole name, and I have for years.

  6. Minta Marie Morze

    I should say, I was dared by my brother Brian. My brother Craig was also in Viet Nam, USMC, 1968-1969. I also have a third brother.

  7. Minta Marie Morze

    Were you there? When?

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