How to become a Ukraine crisis expert in 5 minutes

Here’s a moment of levity, “Ten handy phrases for bluffing your way  through the Ukraine crisis.  In fact, with just minor tweaking these phrases can become your universal toolkit to present that informed image,  amongst even the most boorish foreign policy experts.  Presenting the right body language required, so be sure and practice delivering these lines with confidence.  And of course, plan ahead with some fail-safe, quick escape lines, when questioned for more details…. like:

“Oh, I’m so sorry, my phone, I must take this call, if you’ll excuse me, please.”

“Excuse me, I see my partner/ wife/husband/significant other waving over there, sorry I can’t continue this fascinating discussion.”

Deep sigh, then, “These situations are always very complex and without a great deal of time to provide historical context, I can’t do the subject justice.”  Then bolt.

I am sure you can provide more.  And if you need more ideas, just flip through the cable news channels for a few minutes or listen to our leader-from-behind equivocate.

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One response to “How to become a Ukraine crisis expert in 5 minutes

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    This is great! And it can be expanded or shrunk as needed for several other world problems. It’s sort of all-purpose!

    Thanks, Liberty!!

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