Ring of idiots

Oh my God, I don’t know how much more tripe I can take, yes, I am referring to the American chattering class – those pundits.  I will write more later today, but really, “A ring of democracy” to surround Russia – more like a ring of idiots spouting this crapola.  Meanwhile, our own State Department was meddling and Victoria Nuland was dictating to our ambassador to Ukraine, which protestors can be part of the new government…  Anyone else, see the hypocrisy???  The Russians will not cede control of Crimea and we shouldn’t expect them to.  We can’t expect them to cede their Black Sea Fleet to western democracy, some vague protestors chants of freedom or whatever it is these various groups in Ukraine want.  Do we even know what “freedom” looks like to people who only know corruption and living on government subsidies?  They’ve had plenty of time to form a viable democratic government and they’re still  a basket-case, so what’s going to change with the new regime?  Any western reporters checking out the Russian claim that 675,000 ethnic Russian have fled from Ukraine in the past month – to Russia? (Russian claim mentioned in Nightwatch) Any truth to that?  We need more facts and less overblown rhetoric.  Time to let go of he Cold War era thinking and use some new approaches.  More later.

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  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty writes, “We need more facts and less overblown rhetoric.”

    Oh, No!! What would the chattering classes DO if you demand that they talk about Reality???? Facts get in the way of soaring rhetoric! Good Grief, Liberty, I suppose the next thing you’ll demand is Common Sense, and then basing predictions on History, Logic, and Wisdom.

    New approaches might actually help save lives and mitigate some of the worst excesses in what is coming.

    Meddling, ignoring facts, and giving baseless opinions is the JOB of most of the chattering classes. Isn’t there already enough unemployment?


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