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The lack of character and ethical void in the US military: good piece, “A Military that Looks like America”, at the In From the Cold blog.

An older link to a piece in the Strategic Studies, circa 2012, on the lack of clear ethical standards in the US Army:   Finding “The Right Way”: Toward  An Army Institutional Ethic, written by LTC Clark C. Barrett.  This paper offers a history of the Army’s character-building efforts, pitfalls with a written code, along with remedies to those pitfalls.  The missing fact in his paper is that when you start with substandard ingredients (lack of character in civilian society= a character deficit in the recruit pool too), it takes a whole lot of extra-effort to create spectacular dishes.

And you thought the Fairness Doctrine was dead, with the coffin nailed down tight, oops, it’s risen from the dead: from the WSJ, “The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom”.

A NASCAR war on women charge (alternately referred to as Danica Patrick’s driving record sucks). Richard Petty dared to state the obvious truth: “Tony Stewart picks the wrong person to get petty with over Danica Patrick”.  Small town stock car racing is better (trust me it is) than NASCAR and Danica’s already not excelled at Indy racing and now moved to NASCAR, so after this she can go join Sandra Fluke and claim the evil male patriarchy conspired against her.  She has gotten more attention, both press and endorsements, all because of her photogenic looks, while better male drivers struggle to make it in NASCAR.

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  1. Minta Marie Morze

    You called this post “Just Links”, such a simple and straightforward title for something as combustive as these links. It could have been “Just Disasters for America”, right?!

    The ethics problem is one of the most important problems we face. But when there is a lot riding on an activity—like a test run, or a test of knowledge about an important area in a field—when there is a lot of pressure both from the task itself and from the fact that a continual judgment, measurement, needs to be made—there is a strong temptation to cheat, seek the easier road, behave badly, and just in general lose any of the integrity that might have been there at the beginning.

    Corruption breeds corruption. The fish rots from the head, and it keeps rotting until it is completely devastated with the putrefaction.

    Your metaphor about the ingredients and baking is brilliant!

    This is also what is at work in the FCC situation and the “War on Women”.

    The corruption at the top is so successful that often it dares to move in the sunshine and sometimes it is blatant and continual—like with the IRS—and sometimes it is attacked for being so brazen, and it retreats a step or two and goes underground for a while. Regardless about what they say, this FCC plan will not be shelved. They will just go on with it undercover, and they will send their monitors and ask their questions just as planned.

    Reading the actual words used by Commissioner Clyburn is so important! If they ever get control of the news nexus, God help us! Her speech is textbook Marxism. She lives in an illusory world, and she wants us all to become delusional with her.

    And then there is that term, “critical”. Whenever I see or hear that word, I think of the Frankfurt School, the new Marxism, and Critical Studies. “The personal is political”. Everything and everyone must learn to march to the Leftist drummer, whose music is a dirge and whose pace is slow and deadly.

    Keep writing, Libertybelle. Great links, and they lead to other links. Cool!

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