Where have all the real men gone?

I came across this article, “The 5 Traits The Modern Man Is Missing”,  from a news/blog site called Elite Daily: The Voice of Generation-Y, via another blog Musings from a Middle-Aged Man, written by a retired police officer.   I read his blog frequently, because he comes up with many interesting links to stories about government overreach into our lives and is particularly interested in the federal gambits on gun control.  Now, being of a pacifist nature (ok, that’s a lie – I fight when severely provoked……… usually by bullies), but hey, I don’t own any guns, never even thought about owning a gun, but I sure understand the views of those who do own guns.  And I understand where Obama’s fundamental transformation is leading us: courtesy of Allen West, in simple cartoon format, “Barry Explains Cloward-Piven Strategy”.

Barry, of course, fits into this thread so well, as he exemplifies, the modern man, described in the Elite Daily article.  At the risk of being called a racist, right-wing extremist, Barry rode the Affirmative Action train all the way to the White House, despite not ever holding down any job outside of the far-left political agitating sphere.  That provided the springboard into politics and the rest is history.  Five years into this gig, even many of his supporters admit he doesn’t seem competent to do this job.   Honesty checks itself at the partisan political gate, so these same folks will still support him.  Just speaking as a mom and a grandmother, President Obama’s worst failing  sure seems to be laziness – yes, I know, I have one kid like this too – brilliant, but sadly,  very lazy.  We have a President who glories in the public acclaim and perks of being President, but he has no real interest in actually working hard to perform the duties that come with the title.  On the right we have weepy Boehner and  McCain, reminiscent of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now………. ready to wage his own wars everywhere.  Enough with these milk-toast specimens of manhood, where are all the real men?  Are they extinct?  Do great men still exist?  Let me know when you find one, please, we might need to clone him.


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7 responses to “Where have all the real men gone?

  1. Justawoman

    Maybe there is a great woman out there? Sorry, but reading this, you’d think that the world was comprised of men. Only men.

    I really do hate it when people call the US president “Barry” . It’s just an indication of right wing disrespect. It says more about you than you know.

    Except, that I found you up from another blog and I really like so much of what you say and how you say it, eloquently and with compassion.

  2. Thanks for your comment. There are great women and I have been privileged to know some, like my mother. As to disrespect for the US President, I suspect that I respect the Office of the President more than the man currently holding that position. I don’t respect President Obama, because respect is earned and he diminishes the office he holds, by his disregard for Americans who disagree with his brand of politics, instigating and allowing government power to be used against other Americans. When each scandal emerges, he drags his feet, blames Republicans for making it up, declares it’s just another phony scandal and then he lies…. relentlessly.

    • Dean Bainbridge

      Do you respect President Trump?

      Referring to him as “Barry” says a lot about you, by the way.

      If you disrespected Obama because he “diminished the office”, “allowing government power to the used against other Americans” “Blames Republicans for making it up” “declares it’s just another phony scandal” and “then he lies….relentlessly”, you must surely hate Trump with an absolute passion?

      • Respect is earned. I don’t hate Obama; I thought he was incompetent and his policies were bad for America. Same goes for Trump, who is not only incompetent, he’s a total con man, in my opinion. Ditto that for Hillary Clinton, who lies as much as Trump, as my blog header topic, #NeverTrump&NeverHillary should have given away.

        Not much of a fan of America’s presidential level politicians, here.

      • dekenba

        “Hillary lies as much as Trump”

        Now you’re just being daft. Hillary had her issues for sure, but Trump has lied 13,000 times in 3 years. He quite literally is a compulsive liar, making shit up on the spot time after time.

        Please can you educate me as to your thought pattern and sources for your belief that Hillary lies as much as Trump.

        I’m fascinated.

        Thank you.

      • Everything she said about her private email use was a lie, and I’ve been following the Clintons lies and corruptions since the 90s.

        Hillary never set up a personal server. Reading all of the FBI Notes in the email investigation released in the Fall of 2016, the original server was Bill Clinton’s personal foundation server, set-up around 2007. In late 2008-early 2009 the Clintons IT guys, Cooper and Pagliano set-up an upgraded server in the Clinton home, which served as the Bill Clinton foundation server and the Hillary State Dept email server.
        They upgraded the server just as Hillary was offered the State Dept position and before she was even sworn into office.

        They merged the State Dept business and Foundation business on a private server in their basement. Somehow those details got lost in the Clinton spin cloud. Hillary referred to the Bill and Hill communications as personal emails between her husband and herself in her initial statement about the server, but then the Clinton spin cloud cast Hillary as the poor victim of another right-wing witch hunt.. The other person on that private server was Huma Abedin and then at some point later Chelsea was added, using a pseudonym..

        All those deleted emails, well some had to be Clinton Foundation emails, and in 2016 the Clinton Foundation was also under FBI criminal investigation.

        Trump lies outrageously, the Clintons engage in massive spin deceptions using highly corrupt political operatives.

        Back in the 1990s, Bill Clinton was marveled at for his slick mendaciousness, so he’s a much more sophisticated liar than Trump with his idiotic lies.

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