THE ONE and a few lesser stories…

Unexpected work demands hampered my blogging lately, so this will be just a short list of links.  Number one, or should I say, THE ONE, oh my, what an ego maniac he is: Mark Steyn on himlarger than life here, and Thomas Lifson  weaves a larger tapestry.

Came across a blog post at The Orthosphere about a futuristic 1950s paperback, “World Without Men”, by Charles Eric Maine, which ties in with my ongoing commentary on feminism’s darker side – the war against men.  The blogger, Thomas Bertonneau, calls the fictional society created in this novel a totalitarian lesbiocracy and truly it’s a scary place to be.  I intend to purchase this book and read it for myself.   Just for the record, I adore men, but long for a return of stronger, more confident manhood in America.  Enough with the metrosexuals and the feminist harpies controlling public discourse – I call for a return of the gentlemen to politely take charge again.

Here is a video and story about the NSA and 60 Minutes interview with NSA officials, to include the head of the agency, General Keith Alexander.  I don’t know a thing about General Alexander, but watching him speak creeped me out.  My female intuition started twitching and I kept thinking he’s lying based solely on his facial expressions and watching his eyes.  I could never trust this man, based on my gut reaction and yet I have no solid basis for this feeling.

Fitting with my rural upbringing, I grew up listening to country music.  It resonates with a realistic take on American culture and lately a couple of young female country artists caught my attention.  Kacey Musgraves writes songs that have many conservatives on edge where she talks about alternative lifestyles and smoking weed.  I love her frank take on American life from her real life experiences – it’s honest and refreshing actually – here’s Follow Your Arrow.  Danielle Bradbury looks the part of a budding country music starlet, blond, blue-eyed,  and cute as can be.  Her song, The Heart of Dixie, while one of  those with a female empowerment theme that usually grates on my nerves, centers on a road trip, with the bigger theme of leaving a troubled past behind you and  being brave enough to seek a better future.  I embrace those kinds of stories, regardless of gender, where the plot device of being on a journey offers endless possibilities for twists, turns and unexpected discoveries.

Since I veered onto the topic of road trips, I’ll mention a late 80s novel, The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, whom one of my sons told me is a left-wing whack job, but hey I don’t judge novels by the politics of the author and I loved this road trip story.  The sequel, Pigs In Heaven, continued the story without losing any of the spirit of the first novel.

Time to get ready for work now.  Have a great day!

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