Back in the kitchen…. (liberal female pols blaze new trails)

Why do women running for public office find it necessary to submit family recipes, examples here & here. If you have a busy career or never learned to cook or bake, where’s the harm in saying,  “I don’t know how to do that?”   Here’s  a Free Beacon story on Mitch McConnell’s democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan purportedly posting “stolen” recipes as “family favorites” from her grandmother, whom she has used to attack McConnell of being “anti-woman”.  Somehow, it seems highly likely that the issues that make one “anti-woman” to the liberal left percolate far from the heat of the home cooking range and cozy kitchen or Granny’s favorite holiday eats.   This endless “Mommy Wars”, pitting traditional women vs. career women, rages on in America.  That political operatives from both political persuasions and reporters actually spend time browsing online recipes to validate the “authenticity” of posted family recipes speaks to a belittling of women as serious candidates and that women in politics play this game speaks to some deep-seated insecurities.   As a confident cookie-baker and Mom, well, it seems to me that confident women, of any political party, should be above this sort of pandering and resorting to lying about “domesticity” to win votes.  If you spent your time as a career woman rather that at home, just say so without apologies.  At the same time, how about showing a little respect for the women who made other choices rather than mocking and belittling them?  It’s not men who are the raging sexists in America – it’s the women!  (example of how it plays out  here).  Honesty would be a refreshing new course to serve up, instead of pilfered recipes.

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