A few quick links

Ed Driscoll at PJ Media offers several excellent video clips of Obama and top dems lying about Obamacare. (here)

Gay parent laments on her real life roadblocks to living life with kids true to her politically liberal ideology.  You can feel her angst as she admits that she allowed her son to become a Cub Scout.   Oh the horrors, she confesses that pack has helped her shy son develop much needed social skills and even more – the pack is doing good things in the community.  (story here)

A short article at New English Review,  The Stupidest Generation, by Larry Eubank illuminating the many signs that point to our declining ability to speak and write at a grade school level. (here)

“Al Qaeda has metastasized” according to this SFGate article, “Al Qaeda cancer spreading worldwide”.  Now a libertybelle flashback from May 2013 on this very subject,America at the crossroads.

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