Long live the king

Who knew that we now live under the divine right of kings.  President Obama, who sees the Constitution as a pesky nuisance to his transformation of America, announced his fixes for his less than, Affordable Health Care Act.  He blubbered along yesterday stating he will make some alterations to the law, butttttttttt he doesn’t have the authority to rewrite, suspend or pick and choose which parts of a law to execute.  Or maybe in the new transformed America he does…….. (here)


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2 responses to “Long live the king

  1. Able

    What do you mean? He’s already done just that multiple times already.

    Who’s gonna stop him? His lackeys in the MSM? The Republican DIABN’s (Democrat in all but name – much more accurate than RINO I think).

    Nope, I suspect your only hope is in his buddies in the insurance businesses. They’re going to lose masses of money, be expected to completely redo the actuarial tables and reissue insurance all in less than 30 days, it isn’t going to work and it wont make any difference except they’ll get the blame. So, we can only hope they’ll tell him to ‘shove it, we’re ready, just because you’re incompetent why should we carry the can’.

    Not holding my breath though.

  2. You’re right of course. His smug mannerisms just hit me all wrong in this speech and his ‘fix” that tossed the blame and burden onto the backs of private insurance companies with a month deadline, while bypassing Congress had me fuming, “who does this man think he is?” He and his supporters always play the race card whenever he is challenged, but even that ploy doesn’t get the response it once did. The poor minority constituency (his most loyal) standard of living keeps slipping lower and eventually he might not be able to maintain even unified support from them. Of course, his fellow travelers in academia and far left loon circles will keep saying, “It just hasn’t’ been tried right yet”, as they follow him off the cliff into the dustbin of failed social experiments. Sadly, most of the rest of us will be left clinging on the ledge of that cliff too with no parachute or soft landing in sight, it seems.

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