Following the map to American irrelevancy

More big picture strategic moves in the works hit the press lately and none of them are being made by the United States.  China brought up and escalated talk about a replacement currency for the US dollar and now, in light of our fiscal irresponsibility, they’re pushing hard  for it again and you know what, more countries might buy into that (story here).  And Putin continues to play chess, while Obama gloats about his “winning” this latest petty fiscal showdown with the Republicans in Congress.  Putin orchestrated the US ouster from using the base at Manas in Kyrgyzstan, putting our travel distance,  this is an “if” Hagel works out a deal with Romania to use a base there for supply routing, from 638 miles using Manas to Kabul to 2300 miles from Romania to Afghanistan (story here).  Yes, Mr. President,  you’re quite the strategic genius on the world stage and at home.  Can anyone spell the word “retreat”, because most assuredly others see America’s rear march commander in action and they eagerly want to close with an adversary in full retreat, waving a white flag.  This President can’t even define America’s national interests in real terms, but prefers to roost in dangerously delusional far-left cloud-cuckoo-land, while America’s adversaries keep their eyes and strategic objectives in sharp focus – no head in the clouds from their vantage point.  It’s very sad to be able to understand and appreciate your adversaries’ strategic moves, while being totally baffled and embarrassed by your own country’s ineptitude and cluelessness in every international endeavor.  We are not only losing in small strategic instances internationally, we’re losing American power in both reputation and in deed – all because of this President’s failure to understand America’s strategic national interests in the real world, not his college campus leftie causes.

America, in past generations, has had presidents who rise to the occasion and lead our country competently through perilous times without the benefit of actual military experience.  However, in times past it was a given that these men had a working knowledge of military history and geography.   A few missteps could be naive mistakes, but watching President Obama’s stream of anti-American moves we should be aware that  before us now, or maybe slinking around, leading us from behind, is one who is more inclined to side with our adversaries than our own military.  It’s frightening that more Americans can’t see that this man is dangerously working against us.  I wonder if he even understands the importance of supply lines to military operations, but then again for him soldiers are likely terrorists and terrorists are misunderstood freedom fighters.  Don’t let the bumbling explanations fool you – he’s deliberately and determinedly following his own map to American irrelevancy….. and moving at warp speed to get there.

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