Michelle, Michelle, how does your garden grow…….

Who knew, with silver bells and cockle shells and ravenous squirrels all in a row.  Just when you think the Obama farce hit it’s low bottom mark for cynical publicity stunts, today’s news cycle churns out sad tales of Michelle’s Potemkin garden project rotting on the vine, so to speak – here, here and here.   A perfect tableau for the phoniness that is the Obamas – it’s all one sad, trashy tale of lies, pandering, pathos and to quote one of the biggest liars in America, none other than Bill Clinton, “it’s the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen”…..

While many people plant vegetable gardens out of a love for gardening, understanding the basics of gardening, the basics of how to survive if the power goes out and basically to have some simple plans in place of what to do, when life’s little emergencies happen should be common sense, but instead we’ve got an entire society geared toward waiting for the government to take us by the hand and fix everything.  Before I turn this into a meandering rant, let me just say, I am so sick of these people and their never ending staged political posturing.  Her garden serves as just another one of their lame stage props – nothing more, and as one of those dwindling oddities, known as “taxpayers”, I sure would love to know how much Michelle’s organic garden costs us each year???   Not to worry though, because no matter the fiscal calamities, these self-anointed demigods will still have their faithful at the ready to shovel more s**t (because they sure won’t get their hands dirty)!

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