Requiem for America? (No way, no how and not as long as we can fight!!!)

I enjoy chatting with all you guys on my blog, but it’s so wonderful to have another female voice here and judging by Minta’s comments in two days, odds are she’s going to become one of those in my “treasured friend” category:-)  So, Minta this post is going to start with quoting you again.  Here is the poem Minta posted, which reminds her of America:

“Who Has Known Heights”— Mary Brent Whiteside

Who has known heights and depths shall not again
Know peace-not as the calm heart knows
Low, ivied walls; a garden close;
An though he tread the humble ways of men
He shall not speak the common tongue again.

Who has known heights shall bear forevermore
An incommunicable thing
That hurts his heart, as if a wing
Beat at the portal, challenging;
And yet—lured by the gleam his vision wore—
Who once has trodden stars seeks peace no more.

Gladius emailed one of his “rants”, as he calls them, about the state of America and the GOP’s complete failure to find a message to inspire Americans and counter the left’s relentless surge toward a socialistic demise.  As an editorial comment, this is one of his milder rants, lol:

The problem with all of this talk about how BHOzo is killing the country is that the message is lost on the low information citizens who never read a newspaper, listen to news radio or see any internet news that doesn’t come with Huffington Post when they open their email. If information was all we needed, the invention of Google would have ushered in a state of utopia. We have to touch the heart with a good message. With 47% of the country on some form of government life support, they don’t care that the good, hard-working segment of the nation is suffering. The conservative right is not getting the message out with clear, concise sound bites that can be picked up in 140 characters or less. Being right won’t change anything until we learn how to communicate with that low information pack of ignorant 20, 30 and 40 somethings. Our national Republican leadership team (dare I call them leaders) is partly responsible for killing this country due to their own intransigence and ignorance of getting out the message. Hire a left liberal, Madison Avenue PR firm, for goodness sake, if that’s what it takes to get out the message. They will do anything for money!
So there, I’m off my soap box.
Both of the above views strike almost a”requiem for the dead” mood, but I’m not ready to concede defeat yet.  As long as we can still think freely, there is hope.  Saving our Republic won’t come from the politicians, of that I feel certain.  President Obama and company keep accelerating the burn rate, fueling this out of control incineration of any sort of fiscal constraints and the GOP, by and large, can’t even muster a bucket brigade to attempt to quell the flames.  When it comes to disaster metaphors, perhaps sandbagging, town by town, when the Mississippi floods provides a better approach – saving America one town at a time.  It all starts with working hard to save yourself and your family, then helping your neighbors,  and moving on to your community from there.
  Certainly, trying to wrestle control of the GOP from the hands of the likes of  Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham,  John McCain would offer a stronger national platform, from which to propel more responsive and responsible federal governance, but truly unless and until, our states start pushing federalism, rather than being wimpy supplicants to the ever-burgeoning federal bureaucracy,  don’t expect much to change.
  So many things frustrate and disgust me about American culture, but we’ve got such a wealth of talent here and despite all the dire catastrophes Washington creates,  accepting defeat isn’t an option.  Actually Obamacare may be the federal catastrophe that awakens the rebellion against Washington, that mobilizes that needed  grassroots effort.  No one in America will be able to avoid the Obamacare disaster, not individually or our businesses.  One can hardly miss the rumblings in Obama’s kingdom with his sinking poll numbers, truly horrible optics of pitting federal power against WWII vets trying to visit their long overdue memorial  and disgusting theatrical talking points offensive his nincompoops keep launching.  These idiots live by their poll numbers and today’s number should give them pause – 60% say fire every member of Congress and Obama hit his lowest poll number yet – 37% approval.
    As a child, I remember a trip to Williamsburg, VA and my awe at standing in the very room where Patrick Henry gave his speech.  I gazed around in wonder as the tour guide told us, right here is where he took his stand:
“Give me Liberty or give me Death”
Gladius is right, having a strong voice would help, but still,  we aren’t dead yet:-)

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