Fast forward through this fiscal crisis, pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Decisions, decisions, what Obama disaster to respond to first…………  ackkkkkkk not enough first responders in the whole country to cope with his epic proportion catastrophes.  Here he goes again with another “scorched earth” offensive, where he’ll find some guts to stand up for “fiscal responsibility” – make sure he keeps soldiers paid, granny from being tossed over the cliff and little American Bobby need not fear when he holds up his bowl for more government gruel, with sad eyes, begging, “Please Sir, I want some more.”  Oh my God, this pathetic rerun sure gets old and some of us haven’t recovered yet from the sequestration debacle.   As if that Dickens imagery isn’t enough, Obama and his team of photo-op propagandists surely have a Tiny Tim, ready to hobble before the cameras, smile adoringly at President Obama and proclaim, “God bless us, every one, but especially you President Obama, for giving me affordable health care……….”

And where are the Republicans?    Oh yeah, they’re still rattling around dragging the chains, unto perpetuity, being characterized as evil, greedy, only concerned for the rich.  Instead of unifying and mounting their own offensive or even defending themselves, their default position seems to be to form a circular firing squad and open fire.

No wonder most Americans avert their eyes and are watching Duck Dynasty (except for me, as I assiduously avoid reality TV).  I’m stuck watching the Military channel and watching old war footage, because even my beloved History channel joined the “reality TV” bandwagon, with no history, but I can learn about truck drivers in Alaska or how some pawn shop folks make their living.  Can’t we just fast forward and skip this fiscal crisis, since we all know how it ends?

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