The epitome of macho manliness?

Oh no, I read this article about Putin’s American fans (interesting piece here at the National Journal) and then wondered, do I harbor a crush/unwarranted admiration for Vlad ???  Pssst, the article comes with more great Putin photos too;-)  After all of a ten seconds reflection, with previous posts like my “Putin By A Mile”, well, sheepishly I admit – I just might.   From a female perspective, it’s not that he’s a poster pin-up kind of handsome, with his lack of height and receding hairline, but he exudes machismo to the nth degree, with those bulging muscles and manly poses, frequently with a gun in hand and a large animal carcass beside him.  When you juxtapose President Obama with his bumbling  PC circuitous ramblings and his most daring golf poses, Putin evokes a grudging admiration in me.   I would want this kind of man beside me when facing a dangerous adversary.    He makes me yearn for a strong American leader, whom could and would take a stand and not waver.  Perhaps, it’s not so much what all Putin is, but obviously, so glaringly  what Obama is not……


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14 responses to “The epitome of macho manliness?

  1. Able

    I agree unequivocally with your last sentence (and could add ‘what Cameron is not’ too).

    Putin is presenting an image to his ‘electorate’ nothing else. It is a construct aimed at a Russia where masculinity is still viewed as a positive (by men, women and even the media). Here and in the US masculinity has been defamed and derided for so long now it’s become a reflex. He is doing nothing more than appealing to the average ‘man on the Vladivostok omnibus’ – ‘look, I’m just like you’. Personally I suspect he is considerably less macho than he is presented as, and find most of these staged ‘spontaneous’ photo-ops worryingly ‘homoerotic’ (those most vehemently anti-gay and who feel the need to constantly demonstrate their machismo are usually those most insecure in their own masculinity).

    Whilst I dislike/mistrust Putin I can at least understand the wish that we had some unashamedly masculine ‘icon’ portrayed in a vaguely positive light. The hope that our politicians actually noticed, let alone represented, the average member of the electorate, instead of their coffee-klatch, ivory-tower, metrosexual, ‘friends’ … well, I’m not holding my breath.

    (Err, I have a receding [Oh OK long ago receded] hairline, bulging muscles [at least they are if the light is right and you squint a bit], hunt and fish … and I have height too. Take that Putin!!!)

    As for the ‘O’? I keep waiting for him to break out singing a Diana Ross song (I just bet he wears spandex in private too). What is it with American Democrats that the female spouses have demonstrably more testosterone than the males (Billiary?)?

    • Justin

      Might be best Able, we delay your visiting Arkansas until you develop a somewhat more nuanced approach to the differentiation between what separates the average non-coastal Democrat from the US version of a Liberal. Or at least, if you’re privileged to be in my company out in the deerwoods. You’d likely get us both shot! You for saying such and me for having invited you. Say these two words over and over until they become ingrained,

      “Blue Dog.”

      Might impress on you Able [it certainly does me] the only people I know where I live who own fully automatic weapons vote – and run as, in the case of County level officials – are Blue Dog Democrats.

      • Alas, I thought all those Blue Dog Democrats died out decades ago……. or jumped ship and became Republicans.

      • Able

        Hmm, where was Billy Boy governor of again? (ducking and covering).

        Fully automatic? Deer hunting? Lord, what kind of deer do you hunt? SEMI-automatic, Bolt-action, musketry, is the pinnacle of manliness – English remember! (or it might be the Celtic side of my ancestry – being too tight to buy more ammo)

        Hah! I’ve been shot plenty of times before, stings a bit! Most of your compatriots just stare in disbelief at the strange foreigner (I did mention singing the Monty Python Lumberjack song in an Idaho logging camp didn’t I? It’s not my fault if they brag about wearing suspenders)

        Just remember if I take my shirt off for first aid, forward the pictures to LB, that way I may get waxed lyrically about too (assuming short-sightedness, lack of taste and a possible inebriation too, on her part) – a man can dream can’t he?

      • Able, I’ll remember to remove my eyeglasses when viewing those forwarded hunk videos, assuring a favorable review with this worsening astigmatism of mine. All is a happy blur, which might be the best way to view a balding Celt, waving an antique firearm about, whilst singing a bawdy song………. [hairy-legs bobbing, as libertybelle quickly averts her eyes heavenward and wonders, “oh my goodness, this strong wind and that kilt portend dreadfullllllll things……]

      • Justin

        Possible Pryor might exit (forced) should Tom Cotton win – he’d be Arkansas’ last. But at the state and local levels Democrats are fairly common.

        There is a statewide saying people outside of Arkansas probably aren’t familiar with, “We elect Democrats but we expect ’em to legislate as Republicans.” Case in point is Arkansas’ “Balanced Budget Act” enshrined in the State Constitution.

        Our urban Democrats are a different animal it must be admitted – but Arkansas is probably more like oh … Wyoming perhaps ND where the more populated districts are rural.

        I almost put it on your recent Shrillary post – here, even among rural Democrats she was known as “The Connecticut Carpetbagger.”

  2. Justin

    Most of us do use bolt actions for the actual hunting but once everybody has at least one carcass hanging, we break-out “other funstuff” – since my “big-squish” I personally use a Dan Wesson .44 Mag (8 inch barrel, revolver) but when I’m on the fairly level I’m not averse to popping off some few rounds from a BAR.

    The Dope From Hope spent most of his formative years down around Hot Springs – he wisely avoided hillbillies for the most part. He could never quite get used to how much fun it is to sit in a johnboat fishing with dynamite, preferring rather his fish be consumed accompanied with a bill from Red Lobster.

    • “fishing with dynamite”

      ????? Would this be like some crazy man my husband went to Grenada with, whom according to my husband tossed a grenade in the water to “catch fish” quickly. Wasn’t sure it was true or just another one of those tall tales these men embellish as the beer flows freely…………

  3. Justin

    Never used a grenade but I’m betting it’s happened. Though except for crab hillbillies in general prefer filets over shredded.

    You never heard LibertyBelle, the tale told by that Louisiana game warden from back in the 70s?

    Warden had been chasing Boudreaux L for many weeks when Boudreaux unexpectedly invited the Warden to go fishing with him. They got out in the bayou when Boudreaux got out a stick from a sack, lit the fuse and tossed it to Warden. Boudreaux asked, “Well you gonna fish or cut bait?”

    It appeared in the Picayune.

    I’ve known guys who deer hunt with a pint of apricot brandy in their back pocket. But going fishing is best done before last night’s shakes gets rid of come the morrow’s noonish calm.

  4. Able

    Kilt? I’m afraid I’m banned from wearing one (Macmillan tartan if you’re interested). It all stems from that unfortunate incident several years ago when I was seen walking in a pair of shorts. I’m told the elderly lady who viewed me has almost entirely recovered, only screaming ‘the knees, the knees’ in her sleep occasionally now. (I must say I’m slightly shocked that a lady would even suggest the possibility of catching a glance of my, and I must state it is not ‘that’ dreadful [a man has feelings you know] … sporran).

    My singing in public is also severely curtailed here I’m afraid, apparently the whole ladies screaming (in adoration), feinting (ditto) and running (to get their friends to come and listen) got too much for the local constabulary (constantly having to turn up to tell me to give the local magistrate yet another autograph).

    Antique firearm? Oh, whilst I’m not averse to playing with a black-powder smoke-pole I was intimating the act of marksmanship, as opposed to the American penchant for spray-and-pray and bury them in bullet casings (sarcasm before J puts a contract out on me). Whilst a bit of a wheel-gun fan (I used to own a .455 Webley) I generally stick to my Hi-power or P226, but how much would I have to beg to try the BAR? (I fondly remember playing with Bren – the gun! I’m not a politician remember).

    To get back to the point (look, it wasn’t me who started digressing) I can’t think, despite a historical mass of masculine heroes of the silver screen, of a single President or presidential candidate who fits the whole chiselled jaw, stubble, bulging biceps, testosterone overdose, obviously masculine meme (well, excluding Biliary of course) – why do you think that is?

  5. Able

    Fishing with a grenade? Whilst I doubt that was either safe or particularly effective (reputedly dynamite is much better), I refuse to discus the piscatorial uses of a G60 that I may, or may not, have taken advantage of on the River Wye at some, entirely forgotten and ‘very’ deniable, point in the past.

    • Justin

      I too was thinking “the safety” thing – being only familiar with det-lining (the quick version of trot-lining) from a boat. While fishing with dynamite does tend to rock the boat – depending – I’ve never seen it hole the boat. Were I to consider fishing with a grenade, I think I’d prefer trying it first, from on the bank.

  6. Omg, sitting here having to goggle all the gun terms and such, but hesitating on checking on what G60 is, as I don’t want to get added to some watch list”, rofl……….. As I’ve mentioned before I much prefer baking cookies than shooting or blowing things up, although I did manage to make an exploding coconut creme pie many years ago. My sister cut into my pie and the pie filling went flying “whoosh” about 6 inches into the air. My kids burst into laughter, naturally and mention that pie every time I bake pies………

    • Able

      They used be called ‘flash-bangs’ (read Sir Ranulph Fiennes autobiography to get an idea how such, and other sundries, ‘may’ have been acquired) and cookery is what got me started (Oh OK science class), custard powder in a sealable (No. 10?) coffee can, plus ignition source. It’s addictive, so I will definitely not mention barbecues in a wet and rainy British summer being ‘started’ with the help of thermite (I needed a new barbecue anyway, and the hole in the patio was a useful place to store things – honest).

      Why didn’t I have a teacher like this instead? I might have been a rich scientist by now.

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