The sun will come out tomorrow…….

Time for some deep-breathing exercises, so I don’t blurt out some truly regrettable @%#$&^! things.  “Calm thyself, libertybelle, for they know not what they speak!”  Who in the Hades with a functioning brain cell believes that Syria relinquishing their WMD to a third party country could physically happen in the midst of a bloody civil war?  Just the actual logistics of that, ponder that for a moment.  Then, ponder what rational country would send teams into this hotbed to retrieve WMD???  So, obviously, even a half-wit should see that Putin was playing Obama (masterfully, I might add) and yet the punditry, by and large, this bunch of clowns at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and assorted Congressional folks yammer on and on about this WMD collection as if it’s a real breakthrough and even feasible.  And on top of that, they’re plagued by  short-term memory deficiencies, because we spent many years, endured endless media embarrassments playing WMD hide and seek just next door to Syria.  Oops, the media forgot how this game is played…….. idiots!  Putin offers this old, leaky lifeboat to Obama and the American press ignores that it’s sinking.  And Obama doesn’t care, at least he doesn’t have to decide on airstrikes now and who knows he might be able to bail water fast enough to avoid drowning and maybe if he’s lucky, the sharks aren’t lying in wait for him.  Can’t you hear the Annie, tune, “tomorrow, tomorrow….” playing in the background of his speech………..(sing along here)


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2 responses to “The sun will come out tomorrow…….

  1. Able

    Let’s be realistic here, it’s never going to happen, Russia is already starting to back out (to be followed by some inane ‘O’ comment which will be taken advantage of, yet again, by vlad).

    The MSM will be portraying his ‘masterful diplomatic performance’ in ‘forcing’ Putin/Assad/all you right-wing racists to ‘do the right thing’ soon enough.

    For some reason, watching the ‘vacant’ Kerry and the ‘clenched’ O had me, rather than Annie, thinking of Weird Al – too much pizza?

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