Messages of mhere (an American tale) – Chapter 7

mhere tried to talk to hotshot82nd and explain that she was being attacked and in danger.  She hesitantly told him about the politics message board.  hotshot82nd impatiently dismissed mhere’s concerns and he told her, “No one would give a fuck about anything you have to say!”  mhere felt like crying and she walked away, her thoughts churning with how on earth she could explain a threat to him that he couldn’t see and on top of that mhere knew from previous experience that hotshot82nd thought in terms of mission and he trusted americanrommel, afterall they had gone to war together and hotshot82nd had talked about some conversations he had with americanrommel as they raced across one foreign country in a war that set new records for desert warfare.  And on top of that, mhere knew something that hotshot82nd didn’t, because hotshot82nd didn’t pay attention to a bunch of “wives’ stuff”.

During that long ago war, mhere lived in a far off country and this was something new for the Army to try – leaving Army families in one foreign country and deploying their soldiers from there to another foreign country.  mhere stayed behind and encountered many difficulties with the queenoftherock and her sidekick, cluelesscptwife, as they set off to show the world the premiere standard in family support services, which included a one-stop shop for all Army wives to receive help during the war.  The Army dubbed this new facility a Family Asssistance Center (FAC).  The queenoftherock, even managed getting national media to showcase her great works in supporting Army families.

Throughout this war, mhere kept telling hotshot82nd about the problems she was encountering with the queenoftherock and cluelesscptwife.  hotshot82nd had become a first sergeant before this war, so this was his first company as being, Top and his company commander, cptsilverstar, didn’t have a wife, so mhere took charge of the family support group for their company.  mhere had talked to cptsilverstar many times when she stopped by the company with her children to see hotshot82nd or drop off food for his soldiers.  mhere loved to cook and bake for hotshot82nd’s troops and she liked to meet as many of them as possible.  Before this war the queenoftherock organized many meetings where mhere and other wives sat and listened to her tell them about all the grand support she was setting up and americanrommel attended many of these meetings too.  americanrommel  introduced the rear detachment commander and others like, cluelesscptwife, who would be the director of the FAC, at one meeting that mhere attended.  hotshot82nd didn’t have time for a bunch of wives stuff, because he knew mhere loved doing that, she had even started writing her own monthly company newsletter with their brand new word processor machine that they bought at the PX, which allowed mhere to save information on disks.  mhere loved writing and any information their battalion commander’s wife, petitesouthernbelle, gave mhere, she gladly included in her newsletter.

One day, cptsilverstar called mhere and he huffily asked mhere what information she had given a wife, who had gotten misinformation and was telling other wives this.  mhere told cptsilverstar that she had been writing a company newsletter for months and how she used information from petitesouthernbelle, who diligently passed on information and also from a brigade newsletter that she helped edit every month for a man, who thought a monthly newsletter from his office would be helpful for families.  He had talked to mhere long ago and she liked his idea and offered to come help him edit it one Sunday a month.   He would call mhere when he had his newsletter ready and she would meet him at his office and they would spend a couple hours fixing up his monthly newsletter.  mhere assured cptsilverstar that she understood how important accurate information is and that she had worked in public affairs long ago.  cptsilverstar told mhere she needed to clear all information through him, because that is the chain.  mhere knew the first sergeant’s wife before her had sent out newsletters occasionally too, because she was mhere’s neighbor and she had shared with mhere what all she did for the families in the company and also shared information on some families with extra problems, so mhere would know how to help.  mhere told cptsilverstar about her neighbor filling her in and how she did a newsletter, but cptsilverstar told mhere she needed to clear it through him.

After the men deployed, bad things began to happen dealing with the queenoftherock and cluelesscptwife.  One day, cluelesscptwife called mhere and told her she needed to activate her chain of concern, which was the phone roster for the wives in hotshot82nd’s company and tell them there was a bomb threat at the PX.  mhere immediately told cluelesscptwife that the Army has rules on the release of information and it would be a very bad idea to release this information where wife A calls wife B, who calls wife C.  mhere told cluelesscptwife that she wasn’t going to do that.  cluelesscptwife angrily told mhere, “then I am going to have to tell the queenoftherock!”  mhere told her to go right ahead, but she was not going to activate the chain of concern and pass out information on a bomb threat through a wives phone roster (not in this lifetime anyways, lol).  Then the queenoftherock told mhere that she would have to tell americanrommel that she wasn’t cooperating.  mhere tried to explain to the queenoftherock the necessity of maintaining control of bomb threat information, but alas, the queenoftherock was the expert on everything.  And in typical catty bitch fashion, the queenoftherock told mhere that petitesouthernbelle wasn’t doing her job.

mhere decided she had better call the rear detachment commander, whom americanrommel had introduced at one his many pre-deployment briefings.  When mhere called ltc-ohmycan’tdecide, he angrily told mhere that he wasn’t the rear detachment commander and she was mistaken.  mhere started getting scared, thinking, “oh my God, this is who americanrommel left in charge to keep us safe!”   mhere persisted and she said, “but Sir, americanrommel introduced you as the rear detachment commander.”  He huffily told mhere, “you’re mistaken, that is majpassedbuck.”  mhere called majpassedbuck, who listened to mhere’s concerns and told her he agreed, but the queenoftherock does lots of things her way.  Later that day, mhere called petitesouthernbelle, who burst into laughter and said, “mhere isn’t that the most ridculous thing you have ever heard of?”   mhere chuckled and agreed.  petitesouthernbelle told mhere, “our battalion isn’t doing that!”  mhere felt relief that petitesouthernbelle knew how to take charge and make a decision better than ltc-ohmycan’tdecide.

Now, mhere remembered all these catty battles of the past and she felt desperate, because hotshot82nd never wanted to hear about catty wives bickering, after all that’s petty, little stuff, right?

mhere fared no better trying to talk to her littlesister, who flew down to check on mhere, because mhere  sounded so panicked.  mhere tried to tell her littlesister about being attacked and about the message board, but her littlesister cut her off and said, “That’s not possible!”

mhere felt bewildered and so desperate and she was struggling to speak, because she kept stuttering.  One morning mhere showered and dressed and walked into her computer room when the doorbell rang.  A sheriff’s deputy entered mhere’s house and he told mhere he had a court order to pick her up.  Stark terror raced through mhere’s heart and she asked the deputy to see the papers.  He waved the papers above her head, then he pushed mhere on the floor and handcuffed her.  hotshot82nd and her littlesister stood nearby watching and mhere began screaming, but no one would listen to her.  mhere was shoved into the backseat of a police car, that was backed up across her front lawn and the sherriff’s deputy and hotshot82nd sat in the front seat and no matter what mhere tried to tell hotshot82nd about being attacked, he would not listen to her.  mhere didn’t have a clue where they were headed and she feared that americanrommel meant to kill her.

They stopped at the sheriff’s deputy’s office and mhere was locked inside a glass enclosure and she paced the floor nervously for a long, long time.  Besides being terrified, mhere was fighting mad – in fact, she could not remember ever being so angry.  Pacing, pacing, pacing, and finally hotshot82nd returned with the sheriff’s deputy and mhere was taken outside and shoved into the sheriff’s deputy’s car again.  She still didn’t know where she was headed and hotshot82nd refused to listen to her pleading with him.

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