Who are we?

While Anthony Weiner tries to spin his deviancy down, to part of the new internet age that we all need to accept, lest we too severely narrow our choices of qualified representatives for elected office, Glenn Beck reported a case about a child in America that should be splashed across the news. This child isn’t a Trayvon Martin, who can be used and manipulated to fit a political agenda.  No, this is a story about a young girl, whom no one cared about – a girl who ran away from a group home for children in the foster care system.  President Obama and his mainstream media followers won’t devote much attention to this story and the AP probably feels it did due diligence by reporting the rape of this little girl by 13 illegal aliens in an apartment where three of the men brought her.  Some videotaped the multiple rapes of this child.  When they were done with her, they dumped her off in another neighborhood and she was picked up by a woman, when she asked for help.  This woman took her to an apartment, where this child was raped again by a man in that apartment  (this man was a black man).    This child’s attackers don’t fit any of the left’s political agendas, so we won’t be seeing any political action to highlight this case.  You won’t find Hillary Clinton speaking out against crimes against children on this case or delving into why this young girl wasn’t in a loving home with her parents.  This is just one child, whose name we won’t see trademarked by greedy parents, like Trayvon Martin’s .   She’s a little girl who probably doesn’t think she matters to anyone else in the world, but she should matter to all of us.  No one reported on her race or ethnicity and you know, it doesn’t matter really and I mentioned who her attackers are, because who they are is why the mainstream media isn’t sensationalizing this case.

Here’s is the link to Glenn Beck’s video about this case.   He’s got his own small start-up media enterprise and he could manage to dig up the facts about this crime, so why couldn’t the big news outfits?  No, they’re too busy with hours upon hours of coverage about the big Weiner,  a pervert, who isn’t fit for public office and who doesn’t deserve even a minute of our time.   This little girl’s brutal rapes should give us all pause to look at our country and wonder, “who are we?”

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