Selwyn Duke On Female Breadwinners – worth reading

Unlike Matt Drudge, I always ramble on and on about articles I read, which I feel should be shared – he just posts a catchy headline to grab your attention.  Selwyn Duke writes many biting, hard-hitting conservative pieces, where he just says it like it is.  His latest piece in The American Thinker (from which I was banned from posting comments – really I was for being pushy about my criticisms of Sarah Palin, whom they love at their website – true story, lol) is definitely thought-provoking….or just provoking if you’re a feminist.  The American Thinker offers lots of smart commentary and even though I’m still banned from posting comments, I love their website anyway. (okay, my comments were pretty harsh about Sarah Palin, there I admit it).   Back to the point here, Selwyn tackles the feminist myths about how great it is that so many women are now the primary breadwinners in the family (truly way too many of them are the only breadwinner, but don’t let that fact take the shine off of the march forward for women).  His latest article is titled “Rise in Female Breadwinners Means America Is a Loser.

Feminist-indoctrinated women, of both the political left and right, react just as he states, arguing based on their emotional investment in the girl power upbringing in America.  I know how easy it is to be sucked into that grand delusion, where we applaud every female who gets to be the “first” to blaze the trail into new career fields, while our American children, particularly boys, become social misfits, diagnosed with dubious psychological ailments and drugged at alarmingly young ages rather than promoting steady, consistent parenting to promote a safe, secure home environment where children can flourish – in that patriarchal evil  environ called a traditional family with a mother and a father.    The trajectory for young black males is a national disgrace, where due to the collapse of the traditional family, fatherless homes, and single mothers struggling to raise their kids in a mostly poverty-level environment,  an alarming number of young black males seem destined for a life marked by criminality and spending time behind bars.  The large numbers of young black men who fall through the cracks should alarm everyone – so much wasted potential and wasted lives where the deck seems stacked against these males from birth.

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