The GOP policy maverick rides again (unfortunately)

Andrew McCarthy penned a brutally honest assessment of the John McCain Arab democracy projects in a National Review piece, “Syria: John McCain’s Next Libya” (article here).  It’s way past time for the GOP to take away the megaphones from John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  They spend more time being simultaneously for and against issues than John Kerry and that sure takes policy acrobatics to a whole new level.  These two relish all the media attention and they hog the media spotlight to such an extent that President Obama gets a pass on these policy debacles, because Graham and McCain so generously stamp the GOP seal of approval all over these foreign policy disasters.  It seems like only a few upstarts like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have the guts to stand up to these bloviating relics.   The GOP needs an internal rebellion or maybe it’s time for a new party, because the GOP  doesn’t seem to welcome new ideas and their “maverick” should be put out to pasture with his woefully misguided foreign policy adventure notions.

Long, long ago there was a revolution that was not our own.  Our own political leaders argued back and forth whether to stick our nose into some other country’s  internal struggles.  During that revolution (the French Revolution), George Washington stood on a policy of neutrality, amidst impassioned cries for the United States to come to the aid of the revolutionary factions trying to topple an odious monarch.  His wise decision should give us pause to keep arming rebel bands, whose willingness to commit atrocities make them no better than the autocrat they’re trying to depose.  The French Revolution did not usher in some glorious new period of enlightened democratic governance.  It opened the door for an even more odious tyrant, Napoleon Bonaparte, to grasp the reins of power and embark on a decade of military adventurism, waging war across Europe, into North Africa and all the way into Russia.   John McCain always speaks like he’s an expert on military matters, but thus far he sure seems weak on military history and if his Libya adventure is any indication, he’s clueless on his glorious Arab Spring.

Like I said before, the only way to effectively stop the slaughter in Syria is for the major world powers to form a unified front and insist on a cessation of the carnage.  This would incur a great deal of responsibility for these world leaders too, which they won’t want to incur.  Plus, the Russians and Chinese have already decided to play the same old Cold War era game, so we should resist the urge to join in that outdated policy avenue.  Far better to stay out of the Syria mess than to escalate the violence and arm more jihadists and throw in more advanced weaponry that can be used against us or our only true ally in the region – Israel.  If you’re not willing to do what’s necessary for an outcome you want, then you’re better to stay out of a mess like this.  We should have learned in Iraq and Afghanistan that we can’t install democracy – it’s got to come from within.

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