Fearless reporting continues…. well, I’ll report and you can decide

Our mainstream media once again displayed their unbiased reporting on the Boston bombing and with the Texas district attorney case.   After a few weeks of endless news stories linking the murders of  Kaufman County DA, Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia to the Aryan Nation, yesterday some woman was charged with the murders (Fox News story here).    The authorities cite the motive as revenge, removing it from the “hate crime” the liberals were hoping for.  However,  in my book revenge sure smacks of hate of the most up close and personal kind.  I digress, of course, because that doesn’t fit their story line.

In regards to the Boston terrorist attack, we’ve been served many stories of suspects, Saudi person of interest and rampant speculation, interlaced with pining from some liberal mouthpieces that that the culprit turn out to be a “white American male”, not a Muslim nutcase. President Obama found time in his busy schedule, between assailing the gun owners and gun rights crowd with bitter invective yesterday,  to meet with Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, to ostensibly discuss the Syrian conflict (here).   Not to be a Doubting Thomas, but the Syrian conflict has been grinding along  month after month, requiring no urgent meeting.  So, here’s a Tea Party website discussing the same Presidential meeting, with what most likely is happening (story here) – the Saudi government is demanding we send that “person of interest’ back to Saudi Arabia and no matter what the evidence later shows, the official story will be this young man was innocent.  So, the media’s quest to pin responsibility on some  “white American male” continues unabated.

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