A Few Links On North Korea’s Strategy

Another blog, Fortuna’s Corner, posted a Time article on North Korea’s escalation and what the underlying strategic aims might be.  The article titled, “Poker on the Korean Peninsula:  Why Kim Jong-Un Keeps Raising The Stakes”, (link here), contains some interesting insights into the North Korean strategic aims.  The article quotes a Kookmin University professor in Seoul, Andrei Lankov, described as a North Korea expert, who states that North Korea manufactures crises in hopes of winning pay-offs when they eventually agree to negotiate to resolve these crises.  Lankov offers the advice that we should pay no attention to these threats, which on its face sounds like exactly how to treat temper tantrums.  However, that response to some nutcase who possesses nuclear weapons seems like a dangerous gamble.

Here’s a Stratfor piece on the North Korean strategy from January, which I mentioned in a previous post.  George Friedman’s insights always deserve as second glance: Ferocious, Weak and Crazy: The North Korean Strategy”

Here’s a Christian Science Monitor commentary from April 1, 2013, “Amid another North Korean storm, look who’s calm”, about how the people in South Korea have mostly gone on in a business as usual fashion, while many others around the world react in panic and with dire warnings, (here).

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