Link To Opinion Piece – “Women In Foxholes”

This is an excellent commentary by Major General Patrick Brady, U.S. Army (retired) – (Here).  He raises  many excellent points and makes the case quite eloquently on why women don’t belong in combat.  We’d do much better as a society if we started focusing on respecting the differences between men and women, rather than trying to emasculate men and masculinize (yep, had to check my trusty Webster’s for that one) women.  If we started from the ground truth that men and women aren’t physically or psychologically the same, which there’s a plethora of research and daily observation to attest to this fact, we might be better able to formulate policies that make military sense as well as being inclusive of women.   By using a fact-based, reality-based framework to formulate policies, then we could reasonably discuss the military requirements and put in place standards that we will enforce, instead of playing this game of willfully turning a blind-eye when women can’t meet the standards and due to political pressure pretending they do.  Lowering standards to accommodate this political agenda only degrades our military competence.  There are so many people, both men and women, buying into the decades old myths about female performance in the field and cherry-picking only the female success stories, while ignoring the troubling large number of  problems that negatively impact missions.  Ralph Peters wrote a New York Post column in January, “Sergeant rock-ette” (Here), where he predicated his glowing endorsement of accepting women with open arms (figuratively speaking, I am sure) on if it’s “done right”.  Nothing regarding integration of women has ever been put to the simple test that men and women in the military must meet the same physical standards for a MOS, so how on earth he thinks this will be any different defies logic.  I served a short time and from day one, there were different physical standards, yet they sent women with these very different physical standards into many jobs that required a great deal of physical strength and endurance.  I observed the real results first-hand and formed my opinion, which I’ll repeat again, all military missions should be based on what assets best fit the mission.   Fair standards be damned, what we need are the highest standards,  in my book, if we want to win wars and maintain our military preeminence. Even survival in a field training environment places more stresses on a female body than on a male body.  These basic biological differences will always hamper female performance in combat jobs where only the strongest males succeed.   It would be real eye-opener if the actual statistics and facts on integration ever reached the light of day.  Major General Brady’s piece offered a blast of fresh air to the topic, where most military officers prefer to take the three wise monkey path – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  I admire his candor!

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