A day late and a dollar short…..

After more than a decade of being in this struggle, battle, war, clash or whatever other terminology our brave strategic “experts” decide to term this ominous Islamic Ascendancy, these folks still keep patting themselves on the back for refining the terminology.  Behold, (here) they think they’ve finally got it figured out now.  Punch me once and I didn’t see it coming, paint me slow on defending myself.  After a decade of being attacked and still parsing terminology, instead of fighting back, well, I think the correct strategic term is “emboldening the enemy”.  You can paint me as an old lady, set in her Cold War ways.  But not to worry none of these strategic “experts,” safely ensconced in their cushy think tanks jobs, will shed one drop of blood – that’s left to the poor kids we’ve sent over there with a mission that has taken so many turns that who knows, maybe, we’re almost right back to where we started over a decade ago (aha, the Back To the Future Mission, that’s it)  Yes, it infuriates me to read this tripe.  We’ve gone through all four seasons in the Arab democratic rebirth (ok, I can’t help myself with the sarcasm), and we’re almost back to Spring again……… a time for every purpose under heaven it seems, except for identifying the enemy.  It’s all fine and dandy to go through theoretical debates about the “ideology”, but here’s a rule of thumb for the real world – enemies are “people”, no matter what windmill belief system drives them.    How about we start focusing  more on what these “people” are doing that poses a threat to us than on all this hand wringing about what to call it.  Just my opinion here.

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  1. My trusty Webster’s Dictionary: “enemy” – 1. a person who hates another and wishes or tries to injure him. 2. A nation or force hostile to another (aha, that would be groups of “people”). I apologize for my outburst, but this stuff gets old.

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