Piers: CNN’s Mushy Peas Import

Unlike the British Invasion talents of the 1960s, like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and James Bond, pontificating Piers offers us about as much as the traditional British dish mushy peas.  Mushy peas, as it’s name implies, is just that,  an unappealing pile of green glop, closely resembling baby poop.     When British food writer, Nigella Lawson, popped onto the American food scene with a show on FoodTV, I decided to leap the pond and try some traditional British dishes.  In retrospect. I admit it ranks as a food crime against good peas…… massacred  peas buried by a lot of mint.    As my family looked suspiciously at this new food adventure, my husband took one bite, grimaced and  inquired what it was.  Upon hearing the name, he said, “the name should have given you a clue.” (okay, he added a few more “descriptive” words, but I digress) .  So, let’s just agree some things are best left in Britian, like mushy peas, bad dental care, spotted dick (a British steamed suet pudding), and let’s add Piers Morgan.  Here are a few Piers links:

On the Piers Deportation Drive: (here), (here) and (here)

Piers firing over fake photos of British troops torturing Iraqis:  the BBC report (here)

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