Pet Peeves Post #1

Hi everyone!  Since this topic is sure to warrant many additional posts, I’ve decided to designate this post #1.  In the past decade it’s become socially acceptable to wander about in public in pajamas.  I’ve seen this same  customer meandering in our local big box store numerous times wearing a long flowing nightgown that trails on the floor by about a foot on her 5-foot tall frame.  The hem of this nightgown has more holes than Swiss cheese, and needless to say,  from about her knees down the gown is filthy.   Oblivious to the stares, she prances along, head held high, as if she were a beauty pageant contestant.

This afternoon my husband and I were eating at an Olive Garden when I beheld the sight of a lady at a nearby table.  This rather large woman decided her bright pink Mickey Mouse pajamas were appropriate attire to go out to lunch.  What are people thinking???  At first this trend seemed to be lazy college students and other young people, but now I see people of all ages, out and about, in public wearing sleepwear as outerwear.

Judging by my views on this subject, maybe, I’m out of date.  Here is a Slate piece championing pajamas in public.  And apparently wearing pajamas in public (here) has been in vogue in China for years and under attack by many public officials trying to burnish the Chinese image globally.  Now, I’m not for banning pajamas in public and considering the state of American culture, pajamas rank pretty low on the offensive meter.  Still let’s hope this fad passes quickly.  It ranks right up there with my disgust of tattoos, earlobe stretching, sagging britches and flip flops worn as dress shoes/sandals with dresses.  I’ll console myself that at least this bright pink Mickey Mouse eyesore wore a bra, so at least we were spared a more jarring image.  Understandably, this carbon dates my fashion sense to almost antique status.  I grew-up having my mother drill it into my head that a slip was a must under every dress or skirt.  Now, I often see slips worn  in lieu of dresses and bras worn as tops, which is a whole other topic.  So, in the spirit of bad taste, I’ll post one more link (here).   Smile, despite this minor annoyance,  it’s still great to live in America!

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  1. amccaig

    You have nailed one of my top Peeves as well. I think part of it is that so many people no longer have any self respect. Therefore, they do not understand that proper attire is an indication of respect for others. I certainly don’t advocate coat & tie, or hat & gloves, as daily attire, but I believe that the way we present ourselves is an indication of what we think of ourselves. Ultimately, we become what we think we are. If that thought is slovenly, then we become slovenly. All part of the disintegration of America.

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