Another Viewpoint from Gladius Maximus

My friend, Gladius Maximus emailed me some thoughts on gun control. I agree with him and like I told my sons. I sure wouldn’t want to be tasked with confiscating guns, lol. Here are Gladius Maximus’ comments:

In the Army I learned to never give an order I did not expect to be obeyed. I wonder if the gun control advocates have thought about how to enforce an order to confiscate about a hundred million firearms (out of about 300 million). I rather doubt it. The logistics would be unbelievable and labor intensive. Virtually all other law enforcement would have to cease for a considerable period of time in order to do it. Even it took only an hour a weapons, that’s a lot of time. There would undoubtedly be resistance — from me for just one — which would create confrontations throughout the land. More time. Then, of course, we have to consider the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution dealing with unreasonable searches and seizures. Or do we just want to dump that part of the Constitution since we would be in the process of getting rid of the 2nd Amendment already? How about those who have a vocal protest against such state actions as covered by the 1st Amendment. Oh, wait, we have to suspend that Amendment as well. Rather than come up with practical, affordable solutions to secure school campuses, it is so much easier to rail against “The Gun” as if it has a life of its own. Our once great country was founded on one principle that well-informed, well-trained and armed citizens could and would protect themselves and their property. We have now reached a point where there are many uninformed, untrained and unarmed sheep in our society open to the predatory actions of wolves. In biblical times, the sheep were kept secure in closed pens or guarded by sheep dogs. I suggest that our baby lambs be kept secure in closed schools and guarded by sheep dogs as well. And, I’m a sheep dog. There are many like me.

Gladius Maximus

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