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Social Media….the wild frontier

JK sent me an email today about my Machado blog post.  I did send him a response and I’m going to post it right here (typos and all).  I am doing my own redacting, of the names of my husband’s platoon sergeant wife, who contacted me on Thanksgiving Day in 2014, after not hearing from her since Desert Storm.  JK was mentioning “social media”, which he avoids completely.  I’ve been exploring social media since 1998, when I first posted comments on the Excite politics message boards.  I wrote about what happened to me in the Messages of mhere posts, listed on the top of my home page.  Can’t prove any of it, so feel free to dismiss me as a lunatic.  Here’s my email to JK:

So many strange things have happened to me with “social media” – starting with that crap back in ’98 on the Excite message boards.  I’ve explored SM over the years, looking for a way to expose thatwitch2016, but fat lot of good any of that has done.  When I decided to write my story on my blog in 2013, I sent an email to Gladius and asked his opinion.  He recommended pseudonyms, so that’s what I did.  Then I became curious about Elizabeth O’Bagy and well, you know all that.

I had a facebook account under my real name – with less than a hundred “friends” – family and people I actually know.  I decided to set-up a facebook page for my blog, although I rarely even go to that facebook page.  I opened it under the name Holly Asbury (it’s mine and Tom’s middle names).

National Review switched to facebook comments a couple months ago, so some of the moderators set-up a Qwiket comment page and many of the National Review regulars commenters gravitated to this new Qwiket site.  This is common in social media – I tried politics chat rooms years ago (looking for a way to implement my plan to expose that witch – THAT has been my goal for 17 years).  Anyways, chat comes and goes fast – your comments disappear into the ether, but you get to know the regulars and I made friends there, even some of the hardcore Dems liked me.  Those chat rooms were dumped by the company, but some of the regulars located a new format (just like this NR Qwiket migration) and most of the regulars moved there.  Now, even though Disqus comments come and go, all my comments (from wherever I post a comment that uses the Disqus comments) are in my Disqus profile history.   Twitter works the same way – your tweet history is open.  Disqus does allow you to keep your comment history private though.

Now, in my NR Disqus commenting, something strange happened after people there got to know me arguing about Trump/Hillary.  A man, who posted sounding like a Rubio-supporter, friended me on my Holly Asbury facebook account.  I recognized is name when I got the friend request, so I accepted it, before even checking out his facebook page.  And then another man, who sounded like a retired military officer on Disqus comments, friended me too.  So, I have 2 friends on the Holly Asbury facebook.

The Rubio-supporter guy uses the name, Victor Laszlo Boros, and all his comments sounded like he was in the CA area.  Here’s his bio on his facebook:


The other guy goes by the name, Bill Dean and his bio says:

Retired USAF Colonel

I have no idea who these people really are or why that Boros guy friended me.

I often feel like I’m being set-up.

I had some guy try to shut me up at NR back when Trump was on his “committing war crimes ISIS plan” and that guy wrote:

LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…

That comment followed my comment about how everyone has to follow the law and I was talking about George Washington’s Farewell Address.  That guy’s name and that comment were removed.  Suspect he closed the account.  Around the time of that SURRENDER NOW Sue! comment, my computer kept freezing constantly and crashing.  I was using Mozilla Firefox  and that crashed and then one day, my computer died.  

ALL of these social media formats are designed to create mindless repetition, lazy cut and paste mentality and a sort of brainwashing/herd mentality.  As soon as Wikipedia started, I warned my kids that this is dangerous and will be exploited to undermine fact-checking and a reverence for integrity for academic rigor in research.  That the major search engines set up their algorithms to make Wikipedia dominant shows this is a concerted effort to create a “post-reality” world.

I told you about my Pinterest account – that’s under my real name.  Back on Thanksgiving in 2014 – two guys Tom served with in Desert Storm called – out of the blue.  We hadn’t heard from the HHHHHHHHHs since Desert Storm. YYY was one of Tom’s platoon sergeants during Desert Storm and he’s a small town police chief in Kansas.  XXXX talked to me for over an hour, but I found  the call strange.  She mentioned facebook, so I sent her a friend request while we were talking on the phone on Thanksgiving.  I don’t post much on facebook, although I do link stuff from my Pinterest to my facebook (recipes and craft stuff).  By May 2015  I saw she followed me on Pinterest and I know I told you her profile makes no sense – she has over 200 followers – most of them male names – many with ZERO pins on their profiles and they’re such a diversity 16-bean soup that I don’t believe  these are not people XXXX knows from her facebook or small town Kansas.  Her Pinterest account doesn’t change – she’s not actually using it.  Pinterest is such a female thing – especially XXXX and my Pinterest accounts.  She quilts and does a lot of counted cross stitch – that’s what her pins are – so all these male followers made no sense.  When she started following me on Pinterest, I sent her a private facebook message and told her that I saw she followed me, so I followed her Pinterest too and I told her I have two blogs and I gave her the links.  No response, although the day I sent her that message – my LB blog stats went crazy and I can’t see XXXX being that enthused reading politics stuff.  I have suspected all along that thatwitch2016 or her minions have that asshole, americanrommel, keeping tabs on me through other soldiers, from (redacted my husband’s unit in Desert Storm).  Sounds paranoid and strange, but something was wrong with that phone call from XXXX.


With this election, so many strange things have happened – like as soon as Trump got in the race, there were these gang-up attacks in Disqus – I noticed that at the American Thinker and National Review, it would be 6-8 of the Trump horde would show-up and start name-calling and attacking if I posted anything negative about Trump.  They did this to anyone, who posted anything negative about Trump.  it wasn’t just calling me a stupid liberal – it was stuff like calling me a cunt and that sort of stuff.   At the American Thinker comments threads – most of the Trump horde had this same follower, LuisF, in their profiles.  LuisF’s profile was bizarre – following over 90,000 people, only 22 comments, none of them having to do with politics – a website listed for a web design business, but that website was crappy as hell…  Red flags that something was off with that and his name showing up as following all of them had to mean something.  I don’t understand the techno stuff to understand how they run fake bots or trolls.  Then there were the swarming attacks on National Review by alt-right thugs – the mods said that some of the alt-right websites advertised the attacks on National Review and posted pointers for how to evade the moderators and how to assume the names of the moderators during these attacks.  It was very odd to see conservatives posting vile, racist stuff during these attacks, but when you checked the profile, you could see these were “new” commenters with only a few posts in their comment history.

As to my post on Machado and now McCain/O’Bagy – I suspect hostile foreign intelligence at work.  Trump’s entire campaign is bungling, disorganized reactionaries – that was planned.  Newt and Giuliani are as stupid about spin and modern media efforts as Trump is.  Kellyanne spends all her time trying to rein in Trump and clean up his media messes – no time for her to actually manage a messaging campaign.  That Mexican president invitation made no political sense for the Mexican president – it damaged him domestically and he already is very unpopular.  Trump blew that too, but that was an opportunity “someone” orchestrated to help him “look” presidential.  With this Machado, who had been living in Mexico, Hillary’s camp had carefully packaged all these lib media stories about Machado to launch,  after she delivered her parting salvo at the debate.  That Wikipedia  hit about Machado was some savvy operator working to counter-attack Hillary’s PR blitz.  Here again, Trump is a moron – all those stupid memes in the primary were fed to him.  Everyone in his campaign has to wait for Trump decrees before speaking and whenever they answer questions – there’s no coordinated message control.   Trump and his bungling campaign were broadsided by that Machado attack, so I doubt they put the negative stuff in Machado’s Wikipedia bio. I have also  been very suspicious of The Last Refuge blog for a long time – suspect it’s a foreign agitprop front.

Truthfully, I am weary of all this crap – I hate Twitter, I hate Disqus comments, I hate facebook, but most of all I hate living like this, feeling like I can’t trust anyone.  This has been a hell of a lot of bullshit, all over speaking my mind online.    Sorry for going all boohooey there – I am fine.  Planning on writing more non-political stuff soon and I have enough craft and sewing stuff to keep me busy for the rest of my life😉

Take care and stay safe,


My two blogs are this one and, another WordPress blog, where I occasionally post recipes and craft stuff. I post on Disqus under the name: susanholly, although several years ago on National Review, I used the name: mhere.  On Twitter, I use: libertybelle.



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The Pieces of the Media Messaging Puzzle

wp-1469896090617.jpgAbove:  A few of my books.  See, I do read more than historical romance novels and decorating books;-)

The following is just another long repeat of my dissection of the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy, which Trump “borrowed” to wage his “GOP Insurgent” primary campaign.

The reason Trump broke out of the pack was because he used the borrowed Clinton-style mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy.

That strategy is a sophisticated INFORMATION WARFARE strategy introduced into American politics by the Clinton political operatives.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists.  The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.
  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.
  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

Only Democrats had successfully used this strategy before Trump, because the liberal media never before gave BILLIONS of dollars in free media for one GOP candidate, to run a “GOP Insurgency” for 8 months straight on all three cable news networks nor did the mass media cable networks ever collude or facilitate in the mass media messaging for any Republican candidate or cause.

Just as the Wikileaks leak has exposed the MEDIA COLLUSION between the DNC and the media to rig the system against Sanders, that SAME media collusion exists between the Potemkin Trump campaign (or the Clinton operatives who were in the shadows masterminding this charade) and the media.

Those electronic trails exist!!!

This mass media saturation requires constant messaging coordination between political operatives and the media facilitators to keep the SPIN cycle moving. Trump’s “win, win, win” is exactly like Carville’s “sex, sex, sex” during impeachment. I feel sure Trump’s MEDIA COLLUSION will be exposed before November.

And the scorched earth part of the strategy is really just the mass media saturation strategy on steroids, replete with endless character assassinations (low-energy Jeb, lyin’ Ted, little Marco, etc.) and a take no prisoners attitude.

Here’s an example of how mass media saturation plays out:

During the Benghazi hearing, Hillary sailed through that hearing and the Dems on the committee never wavered from their talking points.:

“This hearing is a right-wing witch hunt” and

“This is costing the American taxpayers $4.7 million.”

A few of those Dems, to include Congressman Cummings, groveled so shamelessly, that’s it’s obvious they wanted to secure enough Clinton brownie points to merit consideration for cabinet posts in her administration.

Every dem on that committee did what Trump has done for 10 months – repeated the same short talking points for 11 hours straight. They did not deviate. Then the media and some high-profile big name peeps did interviews to dismiss the Republicans and then the news media declared Hillary won and the polling got driven home that she “won”. You can’t break through mass media saturation. It creates a messaging wall – those talking points are what gets driven home. That is the only thing most people remember – it is mass media brainwashing! Watch any dem on TV – they repeat their talking points as often as they can and they circulate these talking points to a virtual army of media folks – TV, print media, online, they even have hordes of them on comment threads, they were on those Excite politics message boards back in 1998. The liberal media colludes to facilitate it.

The use of polling to manufacture opinions cascades drives the polling toward the desired outcome.  The media facilitates this with relentlessly repeating the manufactured polls and on any issue or candidate, the media hypes the polling that bolsters the issue or candidate they are trying to propel ahead.  The media colludes in many ways with this mass media saturation strategy, but through decades of presenting polls as if they are a legitimate representation of the “will of the people”, the American people have been conditioned to accept polling data as sacrosanct.  Polls are just the opinions of a very small number of Americans and can be easily manipulated by both the sampling groups and how the questions are worded or even by how certain words are emphasized while asking the question.

Pundits and journalists saying something like, “Trump is leading in all the polls, don’t you need to support your leader?” to other Republican candidates in the primary helped foster this aura of legitimacy about poll numbers.  The media and political operatives also often use polls number to marginalize and silence opposing viewpoints.  For instance on a topic like gay marriage, where aggressive mass media saturation was used to mainstream that, media pundits or journalists will cast questions to someone who is opposed to gay marriage like, “Well, 65% of Americans support gay marriage, so isn’t your view out of the mainstream?”  This type of questioning casts the person with the opposing view as a fringe kook.  It works very effectively to silence dissent and to strong-arm compliance to the manufactured “public opinion”.

This same strategy is how Bill Clinton survived impeachment, where the scorched earth trashed anyone connected with the impeachment and then the Clinton mouthpieces were out there selling manufactured polling, to create the impression that the American people supported Bill Clinton and that the impeachment was just a “vast, right-wing witch hunt.”  In recent years the “hate speech” tactic has also been hyped in manufactured polling, to silence dissent.  Most Americans don’t want to be cast as bigots, racists or haters, so any poll presenting a liberal cause as over 50% of Americans support that view, is spun to cast anyone who disagrees as all three wrapped into one.

Here’s a short bio on how I came to be studying mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy:


Above: I found this when I was a teenager.  It is one of my prize possessions.  I was with my parents looking in an old shed behind an old house, that was slated to be torn down for a new road to go through.  This report, along with learning how to play a game, called Diplomacy, with a group of boys after school, fueled my interest in military strategy.

I have been studying the Clinton “spin” since it first entered American politics and I have been studying propaganda techniques, with an emphasis on Soviet and Eastern bloc propaganda since 1980, when I was a young solider.

It took me several years in the 90s to figure out the polling data kabuki part of the strategy.  Systems analysis has always been something I do, long before I even knew it was called “systems analysis”.  I like to break down systems (mechanical, political, living, etc.) into parts and then I like to figure out how the parts work together to make the system work.  I like to figure out the flaws in systems too.  I suppose that’s why I became so interested in military strategy in my teens, because I believe that is the pinnacle of strategic-thinking.  In my opinion, it surpasses political and geopolitical strategy as far as organization goes.

This mass media saturation strategy has distinctive parts to it and it can be proven with electronic evidence on the messaging coordination, just like the Wikileaks leak exposed the DNC and media collusion.  Sure, Trump is very talented at reading the mood of the people and he has a con man’s knack for selling people anything, but this strategy relies on mass media messaging collusion and the polling kabuki to create an impenetrable messaging wall.  The relentless repetition across large swaths of the media “battlefield” assures it will dominate.

There’s plenty of information on how opinion cascades work to move public opinion via repetition messaging and polling data. Cass Sunstein has written about it – he’s into social engineering using mass media manipulation (“nudging” the American people into the “proper” views). Here’s a link to a Stella Morobito link where she gives a simple explanation on how opinion cascades work and they do work – it’s how gay marriage and global warming were mainstreamed:…

I wrote about this back in 1998 on the Excite message boards, where Clinton operatives descended like Genghis Khan’s horde to silence opposing views. I know how far they will go to silence opposing views.  My Messages of mhere story, albeit snarky and written in that annoying third person, is the truth.  All of the people mentioned exist in real life.  I used the user name “mhere” on the Excite message boards.

Only Sanders and Cruz made any dent against the mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy and they did it by grassroots campaigning – not with mass media campaigning.  As Trump and the media have hyped how many millions Jeb’s campaign spent on ads and got nowhere, they don’t mention the BILLIONS of dollars in free media and 24/7 NEWS cycle control the media GAVE  to Trump.  Paid ads can NOT compete with a candidate who has 24/7 NEWS cycle control in the mass media, replete with relentless repetition of messaging and manufactured opinion polls.

Liberal CNN and MSNBC gave Trump 24/7 coverage for 8 months to run his “GOP Insurgency”, but in late February they switched to Clinton scorched earth, where there was about a week and half of “Trump the fascist” incidents, which led up to that Chicago rally, where Soros paid mobs were waiting. Trump cancelled that rally, but after that CNN and MSNBC stopped giving Trump the 24/7 megaphone.

FOX has stayed all-in for Trump. Liberal news networks don’t “give” Republicans 24/7 news cycle control and they sure don’t give them that for 8 months straight. It was a set-up to throw the GOP primary into chaos.

Here’s the sequence of events when  CNN and MSNBC made the switch to Clinton scorched earth in late February:

Here’s the timeline on those Trump fascist memes:

February 28, 2016 – Trump retweets a Mussolini quote and refuses to denounce David Duke on a Sunday talk show.

March 3, 2016 – GOP debate where Trump defends Mussolini quote and doubles down on his committing war crimes to defeat ISIS.

March 5, 2016 – Trump does a staged raised arm pledge rally where the Nuremberg imagery smacked you in the face. He read a prepared card with that pledge. I’d love to know who came up with that pledge rally idea and if it was Trump, did anyone try to dissuade him.

March 10, 2016 – Michelle Fields claims she was strong-armed by Lewandowski leaving a press briefing. I have wondered if he was a handy Clinton middleman, because it sure seemed like he was set-up as the thug in that Michelle Fields controversy. I watched that video over and over and did not see him grab her arm where the bruises were and I believe she sounded very deceptive in interviews.

The Trump controversy builds. And then he walked into the home of wacko leftist central, Chicago.  The timeline suggests that  Trump was duped into setting up his own bonfire and lighting it, before he was tossed into it by the left-wing mob.

March 12, 2016 – Leftist ground zero, Chicago, Trump faces massive organized leftist mobs and cancels his rally.

Those protests in Chicago were staged and funded by leftists – and Soros very likely played a large role.  This riot in San Jose is just part of that continued staged agitation propaganda to try to incite violent clashes with Trump supporters.  I still wonder who in Trump’s campaign egged him on with this strong-man themed garbage?  Was that pledge rally a Trump brain storm or was Trump sold on it?   Soros and other far-left groups are likely funding, organizing and staging these riots and street clashes, but who in Trump’s campaign came up with these strong-man talking points in the first place???   That’s what I would like to know, because it sure looks like he was massively set-up.  When he did that pledge rally, where the liberal press was primed with making that Nuremberg rally comparison immediately, almost like they had received some talking points.  Was there MEDIA COLLUSION and if so, with whom???

Note:   CNN banned key Trump mouthpiece, Roger Stone in late February and MSNBC banned Stone in April, rather extreme measures to silence Trump’s former campaign manager.  Oddly, enough CNN immediately hired Corey Lewandowski, in June,  when he was fired as the Trump campaign manager, which certainly makes me wonder if Lewandowski was a Clinton mole in the Potemkin Trump campaign all along.

FOX News is a foreign-owned news corporation, that opened shop in America to fuel the right-wing, in massive agitation propaganda efforts. (Correction: Rupert Murdoch became an American: “On 4 September 1985, Murdoch became a naturalized citizen to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own US television stations”.)   Or as the left dubbed it (Faux News). FOX News has gone all-in to promote the Trump “GOP Insurgency”.   Why FOX is all-in for Trump is an open question.  The American CEO of FOX News, Roger Ailes, was fired on the very same day as Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, with the news reporting that Rupert Murdoch would be running FOX News for now.  Very strange coincidence with that timing, in light of this unprecedented mass media collusion to promote the GOP Insurgent.

The mass media also colludes to aid and abet other leftist political objectives.  Hostile foreign intelligence agencies engage in active measures – some have stayed active to destroy America from within for many decades.  The Chinese and Russian intelligence services operate robust efforts to fuel anti-American beliefs within America, in all of our institutions, particularly in our mass media and educational system.   Soros funds much on the left – to include BLM. Saudi Arabia and some other Arab states have funded the spread of Wahhabism in black communities, and black colleges, since the late 1970s.   The Obama collusion with the black grievance purveyors, like Al Sharpton, are working to incite racial tensions, to use as cover, to implement their political agenda, like federal control of policing and implementation of draconian speech codes.  Even, American allies operate efforts to influence the mass media in America.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists. Once again,  the messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin. Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).


In the end there, we have  Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy perfectly executed…. Bernie the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right and the middle path to the White House cleared for Hillary,


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Learning the art of character assassinations

Time for a little Messages of mhere (that’s me – going 3rd person here, sorry) retrospective – post Desert Storm.

In 1992 hotshot82nd and mhere left Germany and returned stateside.  Headed to Fort Leonard Wood, running a basic training company, was hotshot82nd’s assignment. mhere, being a mountain girl from northeast PA loved what is euphemistically referred to as “Fort Lost in the Woods”. Their 4 children loved it there too, The people in the Mid-West are the salt of the earth – friendly, warm, decent.

In 1994, hotshot82nd attended the Army’s Sergeants Major Academy.  From there, in July 1994, he was assigned to a post I’ll hold off from naming, let’s call it a large infantry post. He kept telling mhere he was sick of the politics in the Army and had no desire to be a command sergeant major. So, he was assigned to being the brigade operations sergeant major, which was commanded by his Desert Storm battalion commander.  In October it was back to Kuwait for a few months – Saddam’s Republican Guard was moving.

A change of command brought a new brigade commander, whom hotshot82nd loved working for – no-nonsense Cajun.  Almost daily  hotshot82nd told mhere amusing work stories about working for this commander.

As usual mhere got involved with family support activities and she began doing volunteer casework at the Red Cross, handling Red Cross messages.  After Desert Storm, the Army had revamped “family support” activities and even while at Fort Leonard Wood, mhere experienced the “new leaders’ wives as family support team leaders” program – Army Family Team Building.  The Army went from training commanders wives to wear their husband’s rank as part of the “command team”, to now it was Army “family” team building….

One day mhere received a phone call from a snotty captain’s wife, whose husband was the HHC, Brigade company commander’s wife.  This young woman told mhere that the officers’ wives in the company decided they didn’t want to meet with the enlisted wives for company family support meetings.   She said she decided she was splitting the group into enlisted and officer wives and she was going to run both groups.  mhere started asking this woman questions, like how long have you been around the Army.  This young woman (in the mold of americanrommel’s wife, queenoftherock) told mhere she met her husband by writing letters to him during Desert Storm.  She also told mhere the Army trained her how to be a “leader’s wife”.  mhere told her that there was no way an officer’s wife was going to run an enlisted wives group, just because all the officers’ wives didn’t want to meet with the enlisted wives.

A time trip back to Desert Storm:

mhere had plenty of experience with officers’ wives over her lifetime as a NCO’s wife and during Desert Storm – her husband’s brigade commander’s wife, queenoftherock, threatened mhere several times that she would have to report mhere to americanrommel and inform him that mhere wasn’t cooperating.  This had left a very bad taste in mhere’s mouth – a twit, officer’s wife, who wanted to activate wives’ phone rosters to pass out bomb threat information

There was also an emergency childcare situation where the queenoftherock’s FAC (Family Assistance Center) knew of a pregnant NCO wife’s need for emergency childcare, even before the soldiers’ left Germany, heading to Desert Storm.  This NCO’s wife had asked everyone imaginable and could not find any wife willing to take on her several young children.   The FAC did nothing, except blame the battalion commander’s wife for not doing “her job”, even though the staff at the FAC were PAID family support personnel  (many drawing plenty of overtime pay during Desert Storm, mhere suspected) and the Army command had an obligation to make sure families were cared for in Germany – those family members were “command-sponsored”.

When that NCO’s wife went into labor in the middle of the night, she came to mhere’s door down the street. This was a very nice little section of a German village that the Army had leased quarters for officers and senior-enlisted families. Many of the officers’ wives were resentful that the Army “allowed” enlisted families to live in “their” neighborhood. One time mhere’s oldest daughter got into a fight with a bully at the spielplatz, so mhere went to that bully’s mother to discuss the matter.  That officer’s wife was the “volunteer neighborhood mayor”.  That lady, showed mhere the marks on her son from the fight and started ranting at mhere.  She told mhere she didn’t know why the Army let people like mhere live in their neighborhood.  mhere told that lady she should stop humiliating her son by pointing out he got beat in a fight by a girl and walked away. Her son had been picking on smaller kids at the spielplatz, when mhere’s oldest daughter stepped in and that boy was bigger than mhere’s daughter;-)

So, mhere arranged to get this pregnant NCO’s wife to the German hospital, where the Army had arranged for her to deliver her baby and mhere was left with this lady’s small children, along with her own 4 small children.  mhere called the FAC in the morning and later in the day she called petitesouthernbelle, who besides being a battalion commander’s wife, was an elementary school teacher.  mhere told the FAC she couldn’t keep all these kids, because she couldn’t even leave her house with all these kids.  German hospitals keep mothers in the hospital longer than American hospitals.   In the evening petitesouthernbelle came and took the oldest girl to her house, because she had that girl in her class at school (afterwards the mother told mhere that petitesouthernbelle had even bought her daughter new clothes).

The FAC arranged emergency childcare and informed mhere some lady was coming to pick up the children.  The lady who arrived did not look familiar to mhere and she knew most of the people in the brigade.  So, mhere asked this lady some questions, as she gave the lady the kids.  The lady had said she was an American, but not connected to the Army and mhere wondered why the FAC would arrange for American family members to be put into the care of non-military families in Germany, especially in light of the elevated terrorism threat level.   mhere called the FAC and asked if this woman’s background had been checked. The bitchy woman told mhere that the rear-detachment chaplain’s wife and the battalion executive officer’s wife (a first-rate flake, holy-roller, and long-time friend of queenoftherock and perpetual bad-mouther of petitesouthernbelle) knew this lady from their PWOC group (Protestant Women of the Chapel) on post.  So, no one checked out this woman.  mhere was so upset that no one checked out this woman, that she called the USAREUR IG’s office, and the guy said, it sounded mismanaged, but due to this being the first time the Army left family members in one overseas location and deployed the soldiers to another overseas theater, things were chaotic.

Luckily, nothing bad happened, but because mhere called the IG, the officers’ wives jumped into action bringing meals to this NCO’s wife, even though they had never spoken to her before mhere’s call to the IG.   The volunteer mayor had been informed about this NCO wife’s emergency childcare needs long before this NCO’s wife went into labor.  That rear-detachment chaplain’s wife and her husband (who had time to hang around at home a lot while the rest of the brigade was off fighting) also knew about this NCO’s wife need for emergency childcare when she had her baby.  mhere had personally told both of them several times about this NCO’s wife problem, as they lived across the street from mhere, and that rear-detachment chaplain never walked around the corner to talk to this NCO’s wife.  mhere had asked that NCO’s wife if they had come to talk to her and the wife said only petitesouthernbelle had talked to her and told her she was still asking around.  In the end – the queenoftherock bad-mouthed petitesouthernbelle for not doing “her job”.

For many months mhere debated submitting a formal IG complaint about this situation, which could have ended badly. mhere remembered other terrorist attacks in Europe directed against the American military.  Another neighbor of mhere’s was a general’s secretary and she was married to another first sergeant in hotshot82nd’s battalion.  This neighbor mentioned in every other breath that she was the daughter of a colonel, but she was always agitating stuff among NCO wives against the queenoftherock and petitesouthernbelle.

mhere had seen how petitesouthernbelle just quietly tried to help wherever she could with family support activities and she also made the effort to meet enlisted wives.  She came up to mhere wherever she saw her on post and talked to her and she treated all of the enlisted wives like this.  The queenoftherock sure seemed to despise petitesouthernbelle though, because she bad-mouthed her many times to mhere, but mhere refused to play along.

This neighbor kept egging mhere on to file an IG  complaint, even offered to make copies of paperwork at her work – she told mhere this was an approved government use of a copier, when mhere asked her if that’s legal.  Finally, mhere gave her many papers to make copies of, but in the end mhere decided NOT to file an IG complaint. mhere had written some personal letters to hotshot82nd’s company commander, cptsilverstar, to keep him informed of the family support issues, as he had informed mhere that she needed to clear everything with him before they deployed.  She never received any response from him.

When the soldiers returned to Germany, the brigade had a family picnic, which hotshot82nd, mhere and their children attended – americanrommel and queenoftherock walked past them and the queen said derisively, “Hello, Sue!” and they walked by. But americanrommel gave mhere such a look of loathing and hate, that she was actually frightened.

Back to the mid 90s:

With this newly trained officer’s wife situation, mhere decided to go to the family support office on post to find out what the Army’s official guidance was on family support groups. This lady explained all the new rules to mhere and as the conversation moved about mhere mentioned she had known petitesouthenbelle, whose husband had just finished his brigade command here.  This paid staff lady, told mhere that she heard petitesouthernbelle didn’t do much to help families during Desert Storm.   She told mhere that she was good friends with queenoftherock and she started asking mhere all sorts of questions.  First off mhere told this lady that petitesouthernbelle had done a lot to help families during Desert Storm. This lady informed mhere that her brother was somebody high up in DA family support stuff and about all the issues from family support during Desert Storm led to a lot of changes and then she looked piercingly at mhere and she said, “some wife’s letters from Desert Storm” caused quite a stir.

Then mhere began to wonder if cptsilverstar or petitesouthernbelle’s husband had submitted her letters with their after action reports. The letters to cptsilverstar that mhere sent to the desert from Germany were not written like formal reports – they were mhere’s usual unparalleled snarky commentary.

mhere had already talked to the first sergeant’s wife to rally her to take charge of the enlisted company family support group. mhere went to that one meeting, but after that she decided to just let it go and she was very upset about the conversation with that paid family support lady.  One day mhere called the brigade commander’s wife and she told her why she had been upset with that company commander’s wife talking down to enlisted wives, but she also told her that she didn’t want any problems with americanrommel or queenoftherock.  mhere knew they had powerful friends all over the Army and that look americanrommel gave her years before had scared her.

As time went by, mhere noticed that no matter how nice she was to other E-9 wives and officers’ wives – she got the cold shoulder.  So, she stopped going to these meetings, but continued volunteering at the Red Cross.  Even more disturbing to mhere was the first time she met hotshot82nd’s new brigade commander, the Cajun, whom he liked working for so much, mhere had walked into brigade headquarters to talk to hotshot82nd and the new brigade commander came up to hotshot82nd and asked him something and as they headed toward hotshot82nd’s office,  hotshot82nd had quickly said, “this is my wife, Sir” before he turned to walk down the hallway and mhere said, “Hello.” That brigade commander gave mhere a look of absolute loathing and turned his back on her and followed hotshot82nd down the hallway.  mhere never stepped foot inside that brigade headquarters again.

A year or so later, this Cajun brigade commander came into the Red Cross office and mhere greeted him and said, “Good morning, Sir.” He gave her a look of absolute loathing again and turned and walked away, without saying a word to her.

So, even before mhere began posting comments on the Excite politics message boards in 1998, she had learned about character assassinations and whispering campaigns to destroy her reputation.  In 1998, hotshot82nd decided to put in his retirement paperwork and mhere was looking forward to being away from the politics of the Army “leadership”.

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Comment at The American Thinker

Posted a comment at The American Thinker  (Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:47 PM).  We’ll see how long it takes for it to be removed.  The article is “Clinton vs Trump: The freak show is just getting started”.

Read more:
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Well, we’ve had “the GOP Insurgent campaign”, the “Bern Insurgent campaign”, the personality reinvention and attempt to keep “Queen Hillary’s coronation” on track, so who knows there might be a whole new Reality TV script that blows this 2016 election in a whole other direction.

Trump and Hillary both are using scorched earth/mass media saturation form INFORMATION WARFARE, that the Clinton’s spinmeisters brought to American politics with their “War Room” in the 90s:

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions.

So, going with their “military jargon”, maybe the new script will include COIN – the counter-reaction to an “insurgency” – lol, maybe it will be “winning the hearts and minds” of the American people:-)

One can only hope for better choices than (in their fighting words) “Crooked Hillary or “Loose Cannon Donald” and then there’s a leftover Marxist from the 60s, (Bernie the other “insurgent” candidate).


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Another blast from LB’s past

The following is repost of my LB post, “Seeking Justice” from January 4, 2015

Seeking Justice
The internet provides an opportunity for any wanna-be writers/journalists to get their scribblings, the good, the bad and the putrid, before the public eye. When I first started writing my blog, I worried endlessly over the myriad of typos and grammatical errors missed in proofreading and my greatest fear was of writing posts that sound stupid. After two years of blogging, there remain plenty of typos and grammatical errors and more often than I would wish, I write stupid stuff. But, I love writing, researching topics that catch my attention and most of all I am so thankful and grateful to have some regular readers and commenters to keep me humble and on my toes. This one’s a personal, lengthy, speaking my thoughts aloud post and it may prove to be very stupid too – so you’re duly warned.

In the past month, I’ve been engrossed in following the Jessica Lane Chambers murder in Panola County, Mississippi. The Last Refuge blog (The Conservative Treehouse), along with several other blogs, twitter folks and facebook pages, has been relentlessly covering this murder case. Jessica’s family and friends hit twitter and facebook pleading for help in solving her murder too – along with asking for donations for reward money for information leading to the arrest of Jessica’s murderer(s) and also money for the medical bills from her brief hospital stay the night she died. Why the family is getting the bills, I don’t know, since Jessica was an adult, but that’s what the family facebook page states. The online journalists also ask for donations to continue their work.

Between the competing online journalists engrossed in this case and Jessica’s family, plus a multitude of locals in Panola County who, likewise, have hit the internet to make their views known, offer their insights into everything from the racial dynamics, the gang situation, decoding regional vernacular, and even climbing out on limbs to paste leaves on the ever-expanding family trees in this colorful forest of characters, whose names parade across the world wide-open field of online “journalism”, the only truth revealed is nature abhors a vacuum! In this vacuum of officialdom (the law-enforcement community), offering no new facts to gnaw on, this case serves as the ebola strain of internet sleuthing.

On December 21, 2014, a commenter, TexasRanger, posted a comment on my blog, warning me to be careful of accepting The Conservative Treehouse’s facts, laying out a methodical listing of open source material belying a stated fact from that blog. I like a lot of the blogging at The Conservative Treehouse, as it quite often fits my conservative political viewpoint, but after watching what can only be described as an unseemly pissing contest, between some online journalist, Charles Johnson, at a news site called Got News (which I used as a source once, God forbid), The Conservative Treehouse and a few other bloggers trying to trash not only the merits of their respective investigative journalism, but now it’s down to trashing each other personally, tread warily.

So, this journalist, Charles Johnson, ran with a scoop yesterday, a phone interview with Jessica Chambers old boyfriend, Bryan Rudd, formerly from Panola County, now residing in Iowa, (criminal record available online). Johnson asked few questions and Rudd rambled on for an half-hour, listing several men, to include Jessica’s father, Ben Chambers (criminal record available online), as potential suspects. Then, Johnson ran the piece trashing the journalistic integrity of the CTH blogger, sundance. CTH followed with a rebuttal.

The flaming went back and forth in comments on twitter, between CTH supporters and Johnson, in the comments on the CTH blog, but then a commenter, carterzest, on the CTH blog did a screenshot of Rudd’s twitter feed (Folk Deundra Nation is the moniker – Folk Nation being a gang, but Rudd claims he’s not affiliated with any gang, moving on…), accusing Charles Johnson of recording their phone conversation without permission (comment posted January 4, 2015 at 3:26am). Rudd has this tweet on his twitter feed dated 11:03 pm, January 3, 2015.

You have to become a screenshot professional to keep up with this mess, and being technologically-challenged, I haven’t mastered screenshots and struggle even trying to upload photos to this blog. Sorry, I can’t post the screenshot photo. Information comes and goes on social media sites very quickly, tweets flutter away, facebook conversations get removed, pages get reinvented under new names, blogs get reworked, reality shifts as the narrative gets revised.

I hope there is justice for Jessica Chambers, but likewise I hope there is justice for the young man, Deandre Joshua, who was killed in Ferguson, MO in a similar brutal fashion. Justice should be for everyone in America.

I know how it feels to want to cry out for justice, having felt that way since 1999. My blog is not investigative journalism – it’s my thoughts, views, opinions and most importantly the one place where I feel like I have a voice. I’ve felt drawn to Jessica’s story, because this young woman was betrayed and brutalized by so many people in her young life. The shroud of lies, trying to bury her case, made me think of my own situation. I wrote about what happened to me in my Messages of mhere story, and yes, that’s the truth, to the best of my recollection and each person mentioned exists – they have real life identities. I’m happy many people are fighting for justice for Jessica, because such a heinous crime calls out for action.

So, for the record, regarding my own situation related in Messages of mhere, tabbed on my home page, I contacted professional reporters and amateurs last year, in hopes of getting someone to help me drag thatwitch2016 to justice (expose how far she went to silence me over my Excite message board postings, under the user name mhere, in 1998).

She had all that power and I was just a nobody homemaker, yet she felt compelled to silence me. I was attacked in my own home. This girl Jessica wanted to turn her life around, she got a job in a store, but she was struggling. I feel thankful that I survived, unlike poor Jessica. I got a job in a store too, I finished raising my kids, but that attack damaged every relationship in my life. Her attack screams out though; she lost her life in a horrific manner.

Tenaciousness is one of my best and worst character traits – I dig for information relentlessly, I fight against injustice relentlessly and I’ve been fighting bullies long before it became trendy. All these years, I’ve felt personally violated by the attack on me, but a burning anger goes much deeper that the Army I love was egregiously used and abused too. She, thatwitch2016, through her husband, used Army assets to attack a private citizen on American soil. My husband was still on active duty in the US Army then, so they used a retired general to attack an enlisted family based on lies she conjured up. They corrupted the chain of command,  using the Army for personal political reasons. I believe this to be the TRUTH and yet, I can’t prove it on my own.

A few years back, I posted some comments on Ralph Peters’ (thepottsvillepundit) column at the New York Post. At that time, I was also writing on my computer about my plan to expose thatwitch2016. Comments on Peters’ column disappeared. my email and facebook accounts were hacked, then back to square one. For me, the very thought that she might become the next Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces, not only disgusts me, it terrifies me.

Jessica’s case highlights small town corruption, where it’s hard to find a hairbreadth’s distance between the integrity of the officials and the criminals. My case goes all the way to the top in America. And just like mentioned above, that online postings can vanish in the blink of an eye – my blog could vanish too.

Last year, I decided to seek help in my fight for justice and I contacted The Washington Free Beacon twice, Bill O’Reilly twice, PJmedia once, That Last Refuge blog twice and Sharyl Attkisson once. I offered them the key to the real identities of every person mentioned in Messages of mhere, except for marfark, because I only knew his user name. I hoped my blog would demonstrate that I write rational, researched stuff, not wild conspiracy theories.

I lay claim to being a homemaker for 18 years and I’ve worked in a store since 1999. I served in the Army shy of two years, getting out when I was pregnant with my first child. I was trained to be an Army journalist, but I make no claims to being a journalist. I’ve tried to be an honest person and a good citizen my entire life. Here’s a message for Jeff (if you’re reading this) I would like my Good Citizen booklet (mentioned in Messages of mhere btw) back, please.

I received only one response – from The Last Refuge blog:

“We receive hundreds of emails each week. Since we operate with only volunteer staff we are unable to respond to all of them..
Unfortunately, we cannot conduct investigations on every matter brought to our attention, no matter how valid and well documented.
Thank you for understanding.
Warm regards,

That simple courtesy of responding to me made me respect the folks at The Last Refuge blog. I’m not asking them or anyone for help, but I wanted to say my piece today. Yep, posting this is stupid. My personal quest for justice continues alone, in military terms, a Forlorn Hope, a lost cause from a long ago scandal. Jessica’s case is still fresh, with the trail not yet cold. I continue hoping their blog will be a force for seeking justice for Jessica. Let’s hope that with an alphabet soup of federal law enforcement in Panola County, MS and so much online effort, sunlight can vanquish the forces of Darkness in this small town American case crying out for justice.

We need every small step toward upholding The Constitution of the United States of America, where corruption pervades at every level, especially at the top.

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Confessions of mhere

Just added a new tab, Confessions of mhere, at the top of my home page. This will be an ongoing page of “revelations” from my life. I’ll be adding information to both my Messages of mhere and Confessions of mhere pages to help keep the information somewhat organized. Due to their being many threads to follow, this is my small attempt to help the reader make sense out of the events in my life since the Clinton impeachment and my stepping foot onto the Excite politics message boards.

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