A rambling blog post

Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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  1. JK

    Hello LB. I pray you’re doing as good as can reasonably be expected.

    Some few things I’ve avoided bothering you with but which, for a time, I’ll keep from going into because I don’t, at the moment, have a clue how its all going to turn out. Mom and Sharon are well. Something turned up at my most recent physical which I’m going to have to attend to but, as I say, because how I don’t as yet have a real clue, … Well I’ll leave it at that.


    Your site’s the first place I began to have a real understanding of all the ways our beloved Republic is going to the dogs because of ‘narrative’ or, as you’ve so accurately and thoroughly laid out spin.

    I imagine you, acquainted with how people like you and me ‘get into things’ probably had a pretty good idea that I’d be closely following something to get a better grip on which, when I first saw the video the whole nation’s seen my first reaction was ‘that sure looked like a deliberate murder.’

    But. As I also well knew, the early reports are always wrong.

    So. When you can get an hour and a half you can sit through a video presentation, scroll down to the end of this post and pay careful attention to it. Personally, I watched gavel to gavel and though my better angels [tried] to inform me ‘hung jury’ my understanding of spin said, that ain’t gonna happen. And it didn’t.

    Another pillar of our Republic looks to be on a very shaky foundation:


    • JK, Hope your medical stuff isn’t anything serious. Had to have an ultrasound myself, then a MRI today, to ascertain if there’s something to worry about or not.

      I didn’t watch any of the Chauvin trial coverage. Unfortunately, at times in the past four years, I’ve let my disgust of Trump lead me to break my rule of not trusting anything the media spins up. The Chauvin case, was one where I didn’t trust the spin narrative, because anytime Al Sharpton and Ben Crump show up, I expect the facts to be grossly misrepresented and plenty of facts to be deliberately omitted.

      I don’t have the energy to follow much of the Twitter spin war, which is still the main spin battlefield in America, I did tweet a bit the past few weeks, but I’m really weary of most of the news media peeps and pundits on there, running the same spin battles over and over, with the same expected outcomes and neither side makes any sustainable gains at changing the big picture spin war trajectory – it’s all entrenched spin battles.

      I’m very perplexed about the January 6th “insurrection.” I found Trump’s rally, to try to stop a constitutional process, obscene and I watched his speech and Don Jr and others that day. What got me so upset, though were the reports of 5 people dead – the Air Force vet and 4 cops was the reporting, which I believed

      Anyway, I can understand charging people who destroyed property and who forced their way into areas closed to the public, BUT after all these months, it’s now down to only one person was actually violently killed that day and it’s the Trump-supporting Air Force vet, who was shot by someone, ostensibly law enforcement. Neither the FBI nor the Capitol police ever did any public briefings or updates, which seemed very bizarre.

      Now, it’s released that the Capitol police officer, who was spun up to have been attacked by Trump “insurrectionists” and struck with a fire extinguisher, was never hit with anything and died of two strokes.

      The FBI and Capitol police sure have some questions to answer.

      What bugs me the most is the FBI has made this massive effort to track down every single Trumper in the Capitol that day, but no one will answer questions about the dead Air Force vet, who was shot in the head and the FBI has not bothered to track down any of the rioters and looters and anarchists, who committed serious crimes last year in that rioting. When federal officers were trying to apprehend Antifa thugs trying to set the federal court house in Portland on fire last year, the media & Dems launched a big spin attack accusing the feds of nefarious activities:


      This spin effort was intended to ramp up hysteria against federal agents, who were trying to protect a federal court house. The Dem/BLM spin circus used this same spin narrative with the protests at the White House and in DC during those protests accusing Barr of using illegal secret police.

      Something is very wrong at the FBI and DOJ, where they have to know these were partisan spin lies, but Wray has done nothing to track Antifa or BLM rioters and looters and anarchists.

      We can’t have two separate legal systems based on partisan politics, but that is assuredly what it appears has developed. And the next location Dems, the far-left, BLM are turning their sights to foment this sort of racial activism and two-tiered set of rules is the US military, where Austin is on the hunt for white supremacists… It’s going to be a disaster for maintaining trust in the chain of command.

      I think I’ve written more about the spin information war in America than just about anyone else and that’s only because of what happened to me in 1998. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to expose that grotesque abuse of power, but all I can say is many of those same thoroughly corrupt people have powerful influence in the Biden WH. Fun times ahead, for sure.

      What will assuredly be worse than a Biden WH is if Biden is pressured out of office by the Obama women, who are installed as his minders, and we end up with a President Harris. Then the Obama women would demonstrate how catty women, with some power, really operate and it would be quite something to behold.

  2. JK

    Because I *know you yes, “interesting” covers it pretty good.

    We’ll see I suppose whether these fine folks get one of them there $27M payoffs Minnepolis-style before the defense even gets to open its side of the story:


  3. JK

    And as you’ve noted those inconvenient ‘fact gaps’ in the spin narratives you might “enjoy” scrolling through those charged (*note – there’s not a small number whose cases have been recently updated)

    But anyway, see how many are actually charged as the spin would have it with Conspiracy to commit Insurrection:


    (You’ll find that Sullivan feller I mentioned above in here as well.

    • Quite an omission by the prosecutor there, JK. This seems to be a recurring problem with these “violent insurrection” cases.

      Here’s the Dem “insurrection” spin game, explained by none other than James Carville:

      “James Carville
      First of all, the Democratic Party can’t be more liberal than Sen. Joe Manchin. That’s the fact. We don’t have the votes. But I’ll say this, two of the most consequential political events in recent memory happened on the same day in January: the insurrection at the US Capitol and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia. Can’t overstate that.

      But the Democrats can’t fuck it up. They have to make the Republicans own that insurrection every day. They have to pound it. They have to call bookers on cable news shows. They have to get people to write op-eds. There will be all kinds of investigations and stories dripping out for god knows how long, and the Democrats should spend every day tying all of it to the Republican Party. They can’t sit back and wait for it to happen.

      Hell, just imagine if it was a bunch of nonwhite people who stormed the Capitol. Imagine how Republicans would exploit that and make every news cycle about how the Dems are responsible for it. Every political debate would be about that. The Republicans would bludgeon the Democrats with it forever.

      So whatever you think Republicans would do to us in that scenario, that’s exactly what the hell we need to do them.”


  4. JK

    I’ve been ‘out’ for awhile LB.

    Needed to resolve some stuff between me ‘n Sharon. First week of February we ‘split the sheets’ and only just now have [mutually] decided we should be together. That’s mainly what I was avoiding telling you.

    Haven’t read your comment yet (we’ve been in ‘negotiations’) but earlier today I became aware of this:

    I’m only just now beginning to listen so …

    • I hope you can work things out, JK. Life is short. I’ve thought of many, “I wish I had done things differently,” in the past several weeks. That shit in 1998 really took a toll on my marriage. Mainly, I’ve wished I had never written a single word online or challenged their stupid spin war, but that bridge was crossed back then. Can’t change the past, that’s for sure. Everything I wrote in Messages of mhere was true.

  5. JK

    Would this classify as “spin” or is it more like ‘disinformation’?


    Incidentally, I’m nearing the end of Matt Tiabbi’s book Hate Inc. and I would wholeheartedly recommend you read it too.

    • JK

      Well, I think I’m satisfied with The Hill coverage.



      • I hope you’re being facetious JK. SPIN WAR is a massive organized, real type of information warfare and spin is and has been massive disinformation operations from the beginning in the 90s.

        Good thing is many people are now writing about how the Dems/liberal media spin war has destroyed news reporting in America. Back in 2015-2016 I started commenting on the stealth editing going on here on my blog and now people like Greenwald and others are researching that corruption and other spin operations that are thoroughly corrupt.

        I am still a voice in the internet wilderness, never got more than 60 or so followers on Twitter (currently at 54), but I do know some Repubs have borrowed my “counter-spin” advice (same as in 1998 on the Excite message boards) & I am fairly confident some prominent Dems know who I am on Twitter too – but none of them speak to me, or engage with me which is fine. I never used Twitter to make friends or acquire followers, only to try to disrupt spin attacks.

        I tweeted a lot lately, but am now going to take a break from Twitter. Perhaps I can settle down and write some stuff for my blog for a change.

        Thanks for the links and I always welcome more. And thanks for recommending Brett Weinstein. I’ve been listening to some of his YouTube videos. I love listening to his wife – she’s a great teacher, especially for me, a complete dunce on science matters. I started one with Brett and his brother, Eric, a math genius, but about 10 minutes in, I gave up, because I had no clue what the terminology they were using meant and even less about the topic – I was totally lost. It felt like listening to my son, who is physics and math whiz kid and got into quantum physics in college. Often I have no clue what he’s even talking about too, lol. (psst, I had the same problem with some of Malcolm’s stuff – totally out of my league). I am a very ordinary person – with no great intellectual ability, especially with math and science.

        I always liked history, especially military history and military strategy though – so I’ve read a lot about that. Without that mess in 1998, though, I likely would not have been so determined to follow and track the Dem’s spin information war all these years.

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